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Three (3) Pics Of Hank Jim

If you read the title of this post you would know that it contains 3 pictures of little Henry, or Hank Jim as it really says. That’s what I call him sometimes, it’s his classic country singer name. Or race car driver, I guess. Wait, what about a classic country singer by night, NASCAR driver …

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Super Bowl 48, #WhosGonnaWin? The #Broncos.


This video is what it will sound like when Peyton Manning throws his 4th TD pass tomorrow en route to a victory in the big game. It will also sound like this after his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It should be quite a match though. It’s almost impossible for the Broncos to lose. I hope …

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Eliza Sings It Her Way

Who was it that had a little lamb, Eliza? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that there is a little lamb at all. This must be repeated until they get it. Just repeat it and repeat it until it is grasped. And after that, tell them one more time. This is …

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Eliza Is A Spaz, or: OMG Not Another Video

In this particular film we see little Eliza acting as if she’s a spaz. She’s not really one but today she learned how to do what they kids call, “spazzing out.” It’s basically when you look and act crazy like. It’s all the rage these days. I don’t know where they come up with these …

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10 Pics Of Henry

You probably won’t like this post because it’s just 10 pics of Henry. He’s not really doing anything in them, they’re just pics. He’s a cutie though. We like to say, “Cutie’s here!” But then Eliza has to watch Finding Nemo. She loves that movie. She thought it was so awesome when we saw the …

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But Then She Does Something Like This…


And totally redeems herself. Even though I was saying last night that Eliza is worse than terrible 2, she’s so goll darn cute and fun and exciting and interesting and funny and smart during the good times. Which if I was to calculate out, probably happen more often than the bad. The squeaky wheel gets …

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Photo Friday. Henry The Hunk And His Sister Too

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Henry’s (Play) Dating Profile

This is a pretend (play) dating profile for Henry. Like if he went on BabyMingle.com and tried to find someone to hang out with.    Hi, I’m Henry and I’m 7 months old. I’m a really happy fella, I love to laugh and smile and play. My favorite thing to do is to drink milk. …

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I Still Love When They Match Jammies

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a pic of this, either here on the blog or on the Facebook Page, but I’m going to do it again. What it is, is both Henry and Eliza have polar bear jammies. We like to have them wear them at the same time as often as we can. You …

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Eliza Uses The Laptop A Year Later

If you have a really good memory and have been around here awhile, you might remember over a year ago when I posted a couple of pics of Eliza using the laptop. She actually typed up a post to go along with it (gibberish.) So today I happened to catch her messing around on the …

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Sleeping Like Babies

  This is one of my favorite times of the day, when my two children take naps at the same time. It’s such a relief when they do. I love them and all, and it’s cool being with them but it’s nice to get a short break. They’re usually good for almost an hour of …

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Eliza Says Goodnight

Tonight’s #fmsphotoaday pic is Eliza sleeping. She went to bed pretty early tonight, about 9. That was nice. She’s been quite a little night owl lately, sometimes not going to bed till 11 or 12. She so cray.

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People Of Walmart: Eliza Edition

Oh man, check out this girl I saw at Walmart the other day. Can you believe it. She crazy, right? I can’t believe people go out like that. I kid, I kid. It’s just Eliza with a Walmart sticker on her face. Cute is what I was meaning to say about her. She should totally …

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Eliza Gets Her Hair Did | #WordlessWednesday

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Eliza Sees Barack And Calls Out His Name

Remember when Amanda was teaching Eliza to say Obama? Well all that hard work payed off today while we were catching up on missed episodes of The Daily Show. It was the episode from Wednesday, the day after the State of The Union, and Jon Stewart was showing clips from the speech. Without any prompting, …

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A Post By A Real Dad Blogger

This is my daily post to prove that I’m a real dad blogger, LoL. I hope it doesn’t sound forced or anything because I truly have a lot to say today and I just gotta say it. That’s not exactly true, I don’t really have too much to say. I’ll just post these pics I took …

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Watch Eliza Grow Up In 1:14. She Was Born Now She Is Old(er)

It’s time for the next installment in the Eliza Daily Photo Video series. If you aren’t familiar with that, here’s what it is. I take at least one photo per day of Eliza, I then at regular (or not) intervals put them all together in a slideshow/video. It’s a really cool project and I hope …

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Merry Christmas, We’re Awaiting Santa!


We had a good time tonight and are now awaiting Santa’s arrival. Eliza totally  crashed out on her new child sized sofa. She doesn’t even know what’s about to happen tonight when Santa comes. She had such fun opening up the few presents she got tonight but there’s so much more to go. We’re pretty …

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Eliza Talking On The Phone

Check out Eliza, she was holding the phone up to her ear and talking for like 5 minutes tonight. It’s not really a phone as you may notice, it’s a computer mouse. It’s not even a cordless mouse, she’s so 2008.

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A Baby Passed Out While Drinking


I just love pics of Eliza when she’s all passed out from too much food or drink. It cracks me right up. It happens pretty often too. It’s okay when you’re a baby, but imagine if I were to start doing it! I don’t think it’d go over too well, unless it were Thanksgiving time! …

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