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Henry Looks Through A Window


Henry looks out a window at the Children’s Museum of Denver. What is he looking at? You’d have to ask him. He won’t say much though. Not words at least. He’s taken to making sounds the past couple days. This often happens when his sister or mom are sleeping. I can’t even remember when Eliza …

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Not the right way to move


Yesterday I was saying how we were thinking about buying a real house and moving, remember? It’s true. Well, today we went down to Denver to try going to Voodoo Donuts and we came across someone doing some moving of their own. I don’t think this is the right way to move. Just check out …

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Larimer Street In Denver


Larimer Street In Denver is always a fun Street to drive on. It’s fun to walk on too, but I don’t do that much these days. It’s just car travelling under the lights and banners and decorations they seem to always keep up there. This is the view from today. You might note a horse …

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Sitting On A Fake Cow


Eliza sits on a fake cow at the Children’s Museum of Denver. You’re not supposed to sit on it but the sign saying so is pointed in the wrong direction. So please don’t tell on us for breaking the rules. We sure like going to the CMOD. Its loads of fun. This time little Henry …

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Watch “Pumpkin Harvest Festival-4 Mile Historic Park” on YouTube

Hey, check out this YouTube video of a Lil bit of our time at the Pumpkin Harvest Festival at 4 Mile Historic Park yesterday. It was a lot of old timey goodness and lots of fun.

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Carousel At The Denver Zoo – The Ridening

Hey, I know what you were wanting to see tonight. It was 6 pics of me and/or Amanda and Eliza riding the carousel at the Denver Zoo, right? Yeah, I knew that was the ticket. Speaking of ticket, we bought 2 of them and rode the carousel today. It was Eliza’s first time as well …

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The Denver Broncos Are Gonna Need To Go To Disney Land

NFL football is back. My team, the Denver Broncos, easily defeated the Baltimore Ravens with Peyton Manning throwing a record-tying 7 touchdown passes. Wowzers. Watching the game tonight was like watching the ’97 and ’98 Broncos. If they play like that the whole season there’s no stopping ’em. What I’m saying is that they’re probably …

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It Rained And I Have Proof

Last week it rained and I was around to video it. I did and this is the result. Wow, right? Haha.

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At The Children’s Museum of Denver


Check out little Henry on the baby pond at the Children’s Museum of Denver. He’s just lounging around on a leaf. Eliza is also here, if you were wondering. She’s not the smallest kid here so she’s trying her hand at stealing toys and pushing people around. Not too much though, just a Lil bit. …

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Children’s Museum Of Denver = Super Awesome Fun Time

  Today as part of our quest to use up our 5×5 card we went to the Children’s Museum of Denver (2121 Children’s Museum Drive Denver, CO 80211). It was so fun. We had what “they” call a blast. We only got to see a small portion of it. That portion is called The Center For The …

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Denver Public Library Digital Collection

The Denver Public Library has a really cool online archive of photos and documents related to Denver and Colorado’s past. There are thousands of digitized pieces of history for your perusal. I have been checking them out today and it’s pretty interesting. Here’s a few of them that I liked or randomly selected.     …

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Louis C.K: My New Favorite Comedian

Happy Friday to you. Well, hopefully it’s happy even though it’s Friday The 13th. Spooky! Is it a full moon too? I haven’t looked for a while, I doubt it is but if it is then you better just stay inside tonight. I’ve been watching the show “Louie” on the Netflix recently and I really …

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Baby Portraits And You

Today I went with Amanda down to the Auraria Campus because they were having an intern fair and her work had a booth and was trying to get some new interns. It was also Take Your Daughter To Work Day and since this was technically work, Amanda did take her daughter to work. While we …

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Giraffes at the zoo #giraffe #zoo #animal #two #head #denver #denverzoo (Taken with instagram)

Giraffes at the zoo #giraffe #zoo #animal #two #head #denver #denverzoo (Taken with instagram)

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On #Federal in #denver or #sheridan a #trailer #towed #flattened #cars to wherever a #car goes when

On #Federal in #denver or #sheridan a #trailer #towed #flattened #cars to wherever a #car goes when

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Washington Park On A Sunday Afternoon

We took a little trip down to Washington Park in Denver today. It was a very nice spring feeling day, well minus the wind. This weekend was pretty much the start of spring for me. I got the fever, the spring fever. Plus with the Daylight Savings Time, wow winter get outta here! (Don’t remind …

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5 Places I Would Be Warmer

As the winter goes on and the snow keeps a comin’, I often yearn to be someplace warm. I’m sure I’m not the only one, this snow and cold thing is not really fun. It’s crazy that people choose to live in it. We don’t have built in fur coats like bears and foxes and …

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Your Mission: Like Stay At Home Brad On Facebook

Good morning to y’all! I’m just dropping in real quick to ask a favor of you. I know, I’m always asking for favors from you, but this one is real easy. What I’d like is for you to, if you haven’t already, go over to my Facebook page and “Like” it. I have also provided …

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These Photographs Are From Today

Here’s another weekend edition blog posting, that is to say, not very many words. But if you are to believe the saying, there are like thousands of words in here. So these are some photos taken today. They were all done with my 50mm f1.8 lens, the "Nifty Fifty," as they call it. I like …

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Eliza Is 6 Months Old Today

That’s right, 6 months. One half of one year. She’s getting so old and big. She’s doing so many things as of late. She may be having teeth coming in, she’s rolled over, she babbles quite a bit, she grabs and holds things and so  much more. Why I remember when we brought her home …

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