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Stay At Home Brad is a #healthydad

  Hi, this post was supposed to be up weeks ago but I love to leave things till the last minute. It’s probably not the healthiest thing to do but I’m working on it. It’s funny I should mention health because that’s what this post is about!  You see, I’m working on being a healthy …

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Practicing For The Dentist

  She was practicing for when she had to go to the dentist, opening up real wide like the dentist likes you to do. It was her first real dentist appointment and she did so great. Her teeth got brushed and counted and she got a special surprise toy afterwards. It was really great. Here …

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1st Trip To The Dentist

  Tomorrow morning Eliza gets to take her 1st trip to the dentist. I’m not sure how well it’s going to go. She really has a hard time sitting still. I guess it’s sort of a trial visit, they’re not expecting her to do much. I bet almost no kid her age likes it or …

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Paging Dr. Eliza

You probably didn’t see this latest YouTube video of mine, so I’ll post it right here for your viewing pleasure. Unless you have one of those phones that can’t watch embedded YouTube videos, then I guess you’re out of luck. Try the YouTube app, it’ll be there. Here it is then.       Did …

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It Was An Emergency


Last night, or early this morning, we had to take Eliza in to the Emergency Room. We went around 3 am when E was horribly wheezy and had trouble breathing. She had this since the day before and we were gonna wait till Monday to take her to her regular doctor, but it was just …

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Eliza’s Brain Is Too Big


Eliza went to the doctor today and they said her head is too big. They are making us take her in for an MRI at some point in the near future to see if she’s okay. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with her other than having a big head to hold in her big …

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Eliza Ripping Up The Doctor’s Paper – Video

We took Eliza in for her 9 month checkup today, she had a great time ripping up the paper on the exam table. The doctor was impressed with her growth in height, weight and head circumference. Eliza’s right on track and you can barely tell she was premature. Sweet.  

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Eliza’s 6 Month Checkup And She’s Growing Teeth

Eliza got some more shots today at her 6 month checkup. I counted on the immunization chart we were given and adding in her Synagis, she has had 20 doses, not 20 shots as some of them are combined. She’s probably been needle poked only 12 times. That is still a lot, more than I …

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These Photographs Are From Today

Here’s another weekend edition blog posting, that is to say, not very many words. But if you are to believe the saying, there are like thousands of words in here. So these are some photos taken today. They were all done with my 50mm f1.8 lens, the "Nifty Fifty," as they call it. I like …

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Eliza Has A Problem

Eliza developed her first ailment yesterday and I can’t help but feel at least partly responsible. You see, Little Baby Eliza is afflicted with a case of constipation. It’s terrible, she is so uncomfortable from it. She strains and strains to get her doody out but it hardly moves. When it does it is hard …

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A Visiting

Howdy folk! Great day isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. Well, today we took little Eliza in to the doctor for a checkup. She checked out fine. She is almost 21 inches long/tall and 9 pounds 11 ounces. So big. The doc said they are going to treat her just like a newborn and not …

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A General Interest Story

Oh hey again. Things have been going pretty well with Eliza and Amanda and I. We are getting pretty used to the new schedule we have, with getting up all hours of the night and all. It’s not all that bad, certainly not as bad as some stories a person hears. Eliza took a trip …

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On The Road To Baby Time

A couple days ago we went off to the hospital for our monthly checkup. The doctor was so impressed with Amanda’s blood glucose scores. I think she almost was about to say that it seemed like the diagnosis was incorrect (as I still think) but she didn’t. That’s ok though, I’ll get over it. I …

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Doctor’s Office Testing

Today we went out to the hospital for our monthly examination. We went for the regular pregnancy checkup, which could basically be phoned in (weight, blood pressure, “Any pains?”). There was one other thing though, Amanda had to get her blood drawn for a diabetes test. You see some ladies get a form of diabetes …

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Pediatricians and Tony Hawk

So since we’re going to be having a baby and that baby will need to see a doctor, we’re going to need to find a pediatrician for her. Ethan Tony Hawk has kids too and needs a pediatrician, at least in the following video which is pretty hilarious and produced by CBS Sports(What The H?) …

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