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Eating Ice Cream


Here’s Henry eating ice cream from a bowl. He’s pretty adept at not wasting very many drops of ice creamy goodness. He only gets some of it on his face, which is to be expected with this technique. 

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What are they putting in the strawberries?


What are they putting in the strawberries these days? I don’t know what it is, but it is highly addictive. I can’t stop eating them. I want to stop (just kidding, I don’t) but I just can’t. Once I pop that red berry goodness into my mouth it’s all over. Katie bar the door, and …

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And Now Eliza Feeds Henry A Popsicle

Yesterday they were laying together on their little tiny couch, today Eliza feeds Henry a popsicle. What is this world coming to? Haha. Alrighty then, I’m not gonna waste too much more of your time. It’s Friday and you’ve got stuff to do, stuff that doesn’t involve reading the words that come out of my …

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Oh Give Me A Home, Where The Avocado Trees Roam

You know what we all really like around here? No, you don’t but I’m fixin’ to tell you. It’s avocados is what it is. We all like eating them and we do it often. I like them, my wife likes them, my daughter likes them, and this fella here, Henry, likes them. He doesn’t even …

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Let’s Talk Turkey. No Wait, Let Us Not


This is a thing from Del Taco. This thing is gross. We’ll, TBH, I didn’t eat it. Just the thought of a ground turkey taco is a bit nauseating. It might be great tasting but I’ll never know. I eat the “beef” with no problem but I just won’t do this. That is all.

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She Not Only Picks It, She Eats It Too


She not only picks it, she eats it too. I’m talking about her nose and the boogers within it. You can see her doing both the picking out of and then the subsequent eating of her nose boogers. It’s so gross and stuff but she likes it. It makes her laugh pretty heartily. I’m not …

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Whataburger is so good


We’ve been to Texas two times and each of those times we’ve eaten at Whataburger. Whataburger is so good. We don’t have them up here in Colorado, they’re only in the south I guess. I had the new Monterey Melt and let me tell you this, I wish I had one right now. And one …

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It’s Not Poop

  What you are seeing here is Eliza with what could be either poop or chocolate all over her hands and face. Luckily for everyone, it’s chocolate. If it were the other, I would have been doing vomiting instead of taking a photo. The chocolate was good, as most chocolate is. It was part of …

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Henry Eats A Cookie


Today Henry ate a cookie. This is a pic of him doing it. I think it’s the first one he’s ever had, what a(n) historical moment. We will remember it for all times. The cookie is Eliza’s favorite part of going to the grocery store. All the King Soopers (Kroger) stores round here give kids …

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I made some bread tonight

  It’s pretty cool to make stuff. I don’t do it often enough, it’s so easy to just buy it at the grocery mart. Tonight I made bread from scratch. it was just simple white bread from our Better Homes and Gardens cookbook but it turned out alright. This is the 2nd time I’ve made …

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She Still Loves Cake

  We had some birthday cake today (my birthday!) and once again Eliza loves cake. I thought it was just going to be a phase she went through, the cake loving. I mean, what kid likes cake? Oh, almost all of them love cake you say? Well, I was sorely mistaken. I guess there’s nothing …

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The teeth, oh my the teeth.


Henry, look at your teeth. They’re stickin through your gums. It hurts doesn’t it? I can tell from your crying. It’ll be over soon and you’ll be chomping on steaks at the beach before we know it. You may also want to consider not putting so much food all over your face, shirt and table. …

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Some information about Henry


Please enjoy this photo of a lovely baby named Henry. He’s almost 9 months old and is adorable. He loves eating things he finds on the floor as he crawls around. He can’t walk yet but he sure can stand! His sister loves him and shows it by, among other more lovey things, pushing him …

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Mayonnaise Is Far Superior To Miracle Whip – A Revelation

For the longest time I have professed to not care whether I had mayo or Miracle Whip on my sandwiches or whatever. I tried to tell myself that while they have differing flavors, they are both equally good. This is simply not true and I must start being honest with myself and others about this …

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Eliza feeds her baby brother.


Eliza likes to help out her baby brother Henry. Today she was helping him eat yogurt. It’s all in the video so I won’t explain it too much. We started Hank on non-milk foods shortly after his 6 month anniversary of birth. We didn’t do too much or too often. But now we are doing …

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Henry’s Starting To Eat

That’s right, little Henry is starting to eat real food. He no longer has only breast milk to drink. Nope, a whole world of foods has opened up to him. We just started him on non-milk food 4 or 5 days ago and it’s going pretty good. The first thing he had was vanilla flavored …

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She Drank So Much She Passed Out

Here’s a video of Eliza hitting the bottle hard. She hit the bottle so hard and so much she couldn’t hardly handle it and was nodding out right at the bar. We politely asked her to leaveĀ and she complied, but not before throwing some blocks around and flailing her arms.    

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Hungry Hungry Henry

  Look at little Henry, he’s so hungry! How hungry is he? So hungry they made a game about him being not only hungry, but hungry hungry. How many times am I gonna say hungry in this one blog post? Aren’t you hungry to find out! Anyways folk, I got nothing else tonight. I was …

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The Jamba Kids Menu Sounds Really Good

Just look at little Eliza enjoying her Jamba Juice. It comes in kid sized cups so they don’t get too much. But watch out or they might squeeze the cup too hard and make a big hole. I know this from experience. We got this discount card for Christmas that is good for a buy …

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The Recipe Box

Hey, I’m going to start a new segment here at Stay At Home Brad, it’s where I post a photo(s) and recipe of foods that I make. Real original, right!? So the first one is mac and cheese. But it’s not regular mac and cheese, it’s more special than that. It has several additions that …

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