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Kissing Through A Screen

The title pretty much says it all but I can’t just leave it blank can I? The answer is no. Just look at these 2 cute kids kissin’ each other through a screen door. So cute, amiright? So I know you’ve been missing my daily posts, I’m sorry. I’ve been occupied with my newly started …

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A Children’s Book I Want To Get


For about the past 5 weeks either my wife Amanda or I have gone to the library and picked out books for Eliza. We’re going through the alphabet with the titles. This week we’re on the letter E. When we get to the letter H in a few weeks, I want to get this book …

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Throwback Thursday Is Afoot.


Throwback Thursday! It’s Eliza’s foot when she was born on one side, her foot today on the other. Can you guess which is which? Ha, just kidding. It’s totally obvious. I can’t even believe her feet were that small ever. It’s a good thing babies can’t walk because if they could they’d just fall over …

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Binoculars to help you see


Eliza learned how make hand binoculars/monoculars/telescopes to help her see, in this pic she was using her monocular. I think she learned it from this movie with turkeys in it, I can’t remember what it’s called. I think Owen Wilson is the main turkey, I don’t feel like Binging it so you’ll have to do …

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Monsters University. Her Favorite Movie and It Could Be Yours Too.

One of Eliza’s all time favorite movies is Pixar’s Monsters University. It’s really great seeing how Mike Wazowski and Sully met and became really great friends. That Sully was a real conceited jerk when he first came to MU, wasn’t he? He sure changed his tune once he found out how totally awesome ol’ one …

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This Girl Is Crazy Looking Sometimes

  Wait, what? That’s what she has taken a liking to saying and it’s pretty funny. She even uses it at appropriate times, she’s pretty good at words. Just look at her though, doesn’t she look a bit crazy? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just sayin’.

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This Thing Sucks or: She Helps Vacuum The Carpets.

Take a look see at Eliza helping vacuum the carpet. She really wanted to help me out today while I was vacuuming. So I let her. She did an ok job for it being her first time and all. It won’t be long before we have our own little human Roomba to do our cleaning. …

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There Was A Big Log Waiting For Me

  When I got home tonight, Eliza was sitting on her little potty chair. As I walked through the door she said, “Dad, there’s a log for you.” And sure enough there was a log waiting for me in there. A poop log, in case you didn’t know what I meant. So that’s good. My …

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She’s Trying Out Scissors

Watch out world, Eliza has scissors! Ha, just kidding, you don’t need to watch out, she’s pretty good at it. She knows the rules about scissors and she follows them pretty good. She really does like cutting paper though. She did it for about several hours last night. She even got sort of winded and …

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1st Trip To The Dentist

  Tomorrow morning Eliza gets to take her 1st trip to the dentist. I’m not sure how well it’s going to go. She really has a hard time sitting still. I guess it’s sort of a trial visit, they’re not expecting her to do much. I bet almost no kid her age likes it or …

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Caught Red Handed

  Eliza was caught red handed today. It wasn’t while she was doing anything bad though, she was just finger painting over at grandma’s house on Easter. She created some real masterpieces today. A couple of them she declared to be “Perfect!” and she was right. It was pretty fun times.

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Making Easter Eggs

Tonight’s family funtime activity was dying Easter eggs. Eliza got to help out for the first time in her life. This is her 3rd Easter but she’s been so dang small for all of them. Now she helped pick the colors she wanted to dye them, and she put them in the cup herself. Only …

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Knocking Down A Tower

If you build it, she will knock it down. So will her brother, or “Bro Bro” if you will. This series of photos shows Eliza in action. Click through them fast and it’s like an old timey moving picture show.

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6 Months Ago Eliza


This was Eliza 6 months ago. She was pretty cute then and even more so now. I’ll do Henry 6 months ago tomorrow.

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A Couple Of Magicians At Work

There were no strings, this is not trick photography. This is the real deal, my friends. Eliza can levitate. No strings, she just concentrates real hard and makes it happen. It’s like magic, only it’s something even more than magic. You want to see me do a magic “trick” from 8 years ago? It’s really …

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  Eliza sleeps on the couch sometimes, like in this pic. She’ll play so hard and be so tired but she won’t give up and sleep until she just can’t take it anymore. She so crazy.

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Meeting The Easter Bunny

  They both met the Easter Bunny this weekend at an early Easter pancake breakfast and egg hunt. It was pretty fun except for when Eliza met the Easter Bunny. She didn’t like it at all. I guess he was just too big or something. We tried to get a nice pic of her and …

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We’ve Got To Stick Together If We’re Going To Make It

    We’ve got to stick together if we’re going to make it. That’s what Henry might have been thinking when he went and joined his sister as she was serving her time out. I don’t remember what it was for exactly, something about hitting or pushing her brother, that’s what it always is. But …

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Throwback Wednesday


This old pic just resurfaced on The Facebook. Look how Freakin tiny Eliza was. Sooo Freakin tiny, that’s how tiny. And look how young I looked back almost 3 years ago. I was a young man with my whole life ahead of me and until a few weeks before I slept for many hours each …

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All Four Of Us In One Photo

family photo at dinosaur ridge in morrison, colorado

It doesn’t happen very often, but yesterday we got all four of us in one photo. There’s also a dinosaur seeing as how we were at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO. We had seen a dinosaur at a Sinclair gas station while we were out driving around and then Eliza wanted to see MORE DINOSAURS! …

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