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Brotherly and Sisterly Love


These two dang kids fight with each other so much. Almost all the time they’re fighting and hitting and stealing each other’s stuff. But then they sit down on the back stairs and eat an apple together and everything is alright and they heart each other as brothers and sisters should. This picture captured a …

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A Special Message For @oreillyauto, You Can Read It Too

Dear O’Reilly Auto Parts, I hear your advertisements on the radio and then can’t get your catchy jingle out of my brain anytime I drive by an O’Reilly Auto Parts store. I often catch myself singing it. My kids do as well. They catch me singing it so often, in fact, that they too sing …

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Making funny faces


When we were at lunch today waiting 45 minutes for our food at Fabilis Wings in Trinidad, Colorado the kids both made funny faces. Well, funny to those who have the humor level of a 2 or 3 year old anyways. Naturally, I was amused. I just had to snap a picture so we could …

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4th of July, National Anthem, America

It’s nearly the 4th of July and we all gather to remember that great day back in 1776 when independence was declared. It was a Thursday according to this day of the week calculator. Nowadays we like to blow stuff up and eat copious* amounts of food and consume much beverage. It’s a pretty fun …

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Carnival Now, Disney Later

Last weekend here in Trinidad, Colorado we went out to the Family Fun Days at the Las Animas County Fairgrounds. We had a swell old-fashioned time there. We ate hot dogs and funnel cake, played (and won) some games, and rode a couple of rides. It was the first time either of the kids participated …

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She wanted to get wrapped up like a mummy and then he did too. Don’t worry, they weren’t hungry for brains or whatever mummies like.

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Here’s Looking At You Kids

  I just needed to post something to test out a thing on my blog. This is it. Amazing, right! It’s these 2 dang ol’ kids peepin’ out the window at me as I was out in our yard. Did you know that having a yard is pretty nice? Now you know. Before we just …

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What A Difference Over 3 Years Makes #flashbackfriday

  Here’s a little picture I put together of Eliza on the day she was born, over three years ago, and today. In both of them she’s holding her mom’s hand. What a difference over 3 years makes, right? She was so dang tiny way back then. Just look how her entire hand was easily …

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She’s A Little Bit Grumpy

Remember a few days ago when I posted about how sometimes (all of the times) there’s yelling, screaming, and crying going on over here? Well here’s a little video showing some of it in action. It’s one thing for me to type here and you to read it, it’s another thing to see/hear it. You can’t …

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Yelling, Screaming, And Crying

I don’t know if it’s normal or not, but over here at the Casa De Stay At Home Brad there’s a lot of yelling, screaming, and crying that goes on. Sometimes it’s warranted, like just yesterday Hank shut Eliza’s fingers in a drawer. That’s a cryin’. But mostly it’s something that’s not really something. Like …

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Massive Headwound Henry

  Hey look, it’s massive headwound Henry. You know, like massive headwound Harry from Saturday Night Live (SNL). Remember that one? He laid on the couch and the dog ate his scab right off, and it was hilarious. So this reminded me of that. If you were to look closer at little Henry’s head you …

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Stay At Home Brad is a #healthydad

  Hi, this post was supposed to be up weeks ago but I love to leave things till the last minute. It’s probably not the healthiest thing to do but I’m working on it. It’s funny I should mention health because that’s what this post is about!  You see, I’m working on being a healthy …

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Holding Hands

Sometimes when Eliza is using her potty she makes her brother hold her hands. She also sometimes makes me hold her hands, usually when she’s pooping. It’s kind of strange, especially when she looks me right in the eye and drops a deuce.

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Practicing For The Dentist

  She was practicing for when she had to go to the dentist, opening up real wide like the dentist likes you to do. It was her first real dentist appointment and she did so great. Her teeth got brushed and counted and she got a special surprise toy afterwards. It was really great. Here …

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My Girl The Snake Charmer

We went to a birthday party for one of Eliza’s little friends over the weekend. The backyard is where most of the festivities took place and what activities there were. Someone brought a mini bouncy house, there was an awesome brand new swing set/playground thing, electric child sized cars zoomed around, pizza and cake flowed …

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Henry Looks Beyond

Henry looks beyond into the future. What does he see? Only he knows and he ain’t sayin’! Not that he doesn’t talk, he has quite a few words in his tiny little vocabulary. He really loves bike, and has an almost mastery of the word NO. He is quite adept at saying he wants more …

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A Child’s Laughter

They say laughter is the best medicine. But they must not have ever tried a child’s laughter, because that is even better. Just take a look at these pics and see if you can’t agree.

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Arts And Crafts Time

Oh you know there’s nothing better than doing some arts and/or crafts with your youngin’s. They have so much fun doing them and I’ll let you know a secret about me; I like it too. It’s really the best. The other night we done did some finger painting over at our house and it was …

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My Daughter Gets Cracked Out

My daughter gets cracked out. Just ask her and she’ll tell you. It happens when something is funny. You see, she really means cracked up but she says out. I think it’s pretty funny. Here’s a video of it. You see, she’s totally cracked out man! What’s her deal anyways? I ask her but she …

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3 Years In 2 Minutes. Eliza’s Daily Photos

Eliza is 3 years old and as you might know I have taken a photo of her just about every day of her life. This is the video I made where I put all of them together, showing each one for one tenth of a second and you watch her go from birth to 3 …

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