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Fun With Play Doh: Put It On Your Face Edition.

Play Doh is pretty fun and there’s about a million things you can do with it. Ever since we went to one of Eliza’s little friend’s birthday party and we got a can of Play Doh in the gift bag she’s been pretty obsessed with it. She wants to play it every day and it’s …

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What A Sweet Angelic Girl (To Punch Your Eye With)

  What a sweet angelic face on this girl. She’s such a funny, cute and wonderful little lady. But don’t let that make you think she won’t punch you in the eye and knock your contact right out of it. That’s what happened tonight. Oh man, I wasn’t even expecting it and my eye was …

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Forget About It Friday, or: John Hodgman And Me

Should I post something good tonight? Forget about it, it’s Friday. I’ll just put a picture of me with my mustache and soul patch up next to the only other guy I can think of right now who has the same thing, Jon Hodgman. You may remember him from The Daily Show, or perhaps you’ve …

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Just A Pic Friday

You’ll most likely never see this so it doesn’t matter what I type here. This is just a pic of me and Henry and Eliza. Henry has crud all over his face as usual, he’s a messy eater. I washed it off, don’t worry. Bye Bye!

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I Know Halloween Was A Couple Days Ago But…


I had to post this pic of me in a monster mask. Oh wait, it’s just my regular face. Ooooh, self burn. But seriously folk, this is my day 2 of Movember pic. It’s coming along fine I guess. Not much to see yet but it’s only been 2 days, really only like 30 hours …

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A video in which I stroke my growing beard


It’s a really good one, you should definitely watch it. Its more than beard rubbing though, I also talk about the Micro Touch One razor I’m supposed to be getting. It’s only 40 some seconds, come on just watch it.

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Rolling her eyes, Eliza indicates her level of concern. It’s not very high. She’s all like, “Whatever dad and/or mom, I do what I want.” Then she goes and pushes her brother Henry.

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No I Haven’t Seen The Blue Chalk

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t seen that blue chalk around here anywhere. I’ll keep an eye out for it and if I see it I’ll let you know. Maybe you should ask my brother about it. He’s always getting into my stuff.

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Even A Man Needs To Feel Pretty Sometimes

Sometimes a guy just has to feel pretty. Haha. One of those days was yesterday, Father’s Day. Amanda wanted me to try out this Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mud Mask. It happened to be a Mother’s Day present I gave to her so it was appropriate I try it out. Plus, I’m getting older …

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Henry Was Not Tickled, or: A Bloody Mess


Oh hey there, it’s just another video I’m posting tonight. It seems like I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I’ve been posting vids like crazy to my channel. I’m on my phone now and don’t want to go find the link to it, just search astayathomebrad if you want to see the 160 something …

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Eliza Tests Some Beauty Product

Tonight Eliza wanted to try out and review some of her mom’s beauty product. She chose a lovely rose colored Mary Kay brand tinted lip balm with SPF 15! Eliza made sure to wait till she was alone to bust it out and start applying it. You’ll have to forgive her, this is the first …

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Thinking Hard Or Hardly Thinking

It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Only when you make a choice of which page to turn to, nothing happens.

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Henry Gets A Bruise

I don’t know if you can see it, but in this picture Henry has a bruise on his head. It’s right there on his left temple area, your right. He got this from his sister Eliza. I left them alone together for a minute while I was preparing dinner (Lemon and Herb flavor Chicken Helper=delicious) …

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Henry, Everyone Can See You Cry. A Poem For My Son

Henry, everyone can see you cry. There’s a tear dripping from your eye. You scream so loud the neighbors hear. You sometimes yell right in my ear. You look real sad and your face gets red. But all you want to be is fed. You want the only thing you eat. It’s not a vegetable, …

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Let Me Give You A Hand Or Two

Oh hey there. As you know I like to take and post pictures of Eliza. I do it like, every day. I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself and I do. Did you know that since December 29, 2011 I have posted here at least once per day. And almost all …

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Man of 1000 Faces


This is one of my many and varied faces. That is all.

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Don’t Fence Me In

baby Eliza inside and behind her cage. it's purple and plastic.

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Leonardo #tmnt #turtle #teenage #mutant #ninja #leonardo #actionfigure #toy #face #green (Taken with

Leonardo #tmnt #turtle #teenage #mutant #ninja #leonardo #actionfigure #toy #face #green (Taken with

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Eliza Wearing A Bandana.

Amanda put a bandana on Eliza today. Amanda and I thought it looked pretty good.               Amanda and Eliza were sitting together on the couch when it happened.               See, look at how cute she is with the bandana on, or doo-rag if …

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Eliza’s face, closely

Eliza’s face, closely

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