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Eliza Plays The Xbox

Eliza is pretty tech savy, even at the ripe old age of not even 2. She can unlock our phones and find her apps, no problem. She can look through photos and play videos on the phones too. She’s not too good on the laptop though, she just mashes every key until she finally gets …

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Memorial Day Deal: 101 Free Prints From Shutterfly.com!!!

Check out this awesome deal from Shutterfly.com. It’s 101 Free Prints from 5/27 to5/28 And you can’t go wrong with free, right? It’s a great deal. I did it one of the last times they offered this and I was more than pleased with the speed and quality of their prints. They send them to your …

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Battle Tracker Helicopter, Geek Dad Books Giveaway

I’ve been involved in a couple different giveaways since I hooked up with a Dad Bloggers Facebook group, and they’ve both been pretty cool. So when I was offered a place in this group giveaway for a Battle Tracker RC Helicopter and a couple of Geek Dad books and you know I had to take …

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Giveaway! Free Contact Lenses From ReplaceMyContacts.Com!

Since the last giveaway I participated in was such a smashing success, I thought I’d go ahead and do another! This one is for something that’s near and dear to my heart, well it’s nearer and dearer to my eyes seeing as how it’s a brand new set of contact lenses from REPLACEMYCONTACTS.COM. I just …

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SOL REPUBLIC Headphone Giveaway Coming Up

Happy Friday to you all!! I hope you had a a great time over the holidays. Maybe Santa even brought you an Apple® – iPod touch® 32GB* MP3 Player or other music listening device for Christmas. If this is the case, or even if the case is you just have an old MP3 player, you …

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101 Free Shutterfly Prints Through November 2!

Shutterfly is offering a great deal again! From 10/31-11/2 Get 101 Free Prints from Shutterfly.com with promo code: SPOOKY. I did this last time it was around and was very pleased with it. You do have to pay for shipping but it was only $4 or $5 and the photo quality was real nice. So get …

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In Which I Ask For More From @Kia

Here’s Eliza. You probably haven’t seen her lately and that’s a real shame. So I thought I’d just leave this here for your viewing pleasure. The truth of the matter is that I don’t really have much to say today. Eliza and I have been all over the place in our new car the past …

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TODAY ONLY – 101 Free Prints From Shutterfly

Get your 4th of July pics printed out for free! Today only you can get 101 FREE PRINTS at Shutterfly! Valid 7/5 only. Code: PRINTS4TH    

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Klout Perk Arrives, Looking For PR People

Hey look, one of my Klout Perks arrived today! I have so much Klout! LoL. I really don’t but I have enough to get some small samples from some companies. I got some hair goo from Axe and this Lipton Tea and Honey. I think that’s the only ones that have been mailed. There were …

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The Comfort Cafe In Denver – Pay What You Want

Hey, if you’re ever in Denver at about 40th and Tennyson you should check out the Comfort Cafe. We went there this morning after finding it on Yelp (4.5/5 stars!). It’s pretty cool, it’s one of those restaurants where you pay what you want to pay. You can pay $0 or $10 or $20 or any …

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PhotoSnack Is Alright

Oh hey, I came across this site PhotoSnack what will let you make little photo slideshows, along with several other things. I took some pics of Eliza to try it out. You can do most stuff for free it seems, they do offer you a chance to give them money to get more. But the …

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