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Hungry Hungry Henry

  Look at little Henry, he’s so hungry! How hungry is he? So hungry they made a game about him being not only hungry, but hungry hungry. How many times am I gonna say hungry in this one blog post? Aren’t you hungry to find out! Anyways folk, I got nothing else tonight. I was …

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Little Known Member Of The Ramones, Eliza Ramone.

I just found this long-lost photo of the Ramones with their little known tiniest member, Eliza Ramone. So cool, I just had to share it with you here. Wow, Eliza sure does get around in time and the music scene. Remember when she was at the Beatles show? Impressive. Hahaha.        

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Some Cool Photos I’ve Made This Year

I Made These! With this being the last day of the year and all, I thought I’d just make a real short list of some photos I’ve made this year with GIMP that I think are pretty cool. I’m like a pro photo editor. Haha. I doubt most of you have seen most of them. I …

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Eliza Helping Out Around The World

Did you know Eliza is a great helper? It’s true, just check out the accompanying photo that shows how she would help if she was as tall as the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. You see, she would stand there and hold it up, ensuring it didn’t lean anymore than it already did. She’s that big …

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Something You Might See

This hot air balloon is an “artist’s” representation of something you might see at a hot air balloon festival. It’s not a real one, as you should be able to tell, but imagine if it was. Wouldn’t that be just great? It would win all the awards there were to win, I’m sure of it. …

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Incredible Hulk Or Eliza?

Eliza get mad. Eliza smash things. Eliza pull cat tail. Eliza flip toys over.

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Mckayla Is Not Impressed At The Shore

I was just looking back through some of our vacation photos and boy was I amazed at what I saw. It was Eliza y yo at the beach and we were just there minding our own business and getting out picture taken. But look in the background on the right. It’s Mckayla and Mckayla is …

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A Baby Makes A Mess Eating Birthday Cake

Eliza got to eat a cupcake at her birthday celebration today. She ate it real good. Well, actually I don’t know how much she ate. There sure was a lot of it on her face and the floor. She had a great time though. Happy birthday (in 2 days) Eliza!!!  

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4 For 1 Special

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Eliza And Some Seattle Things.

Eliza, Space Needle, Public Market Center, Monorail. Seattle things with a baby. Pike Place

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Watching The Fireworks On The 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is Eliza’s first one! Babies might be scared of fireworks so luckily the government has shut down almost all of the shows this year. They are scared that the urban forests of metropolitan Denver will burn down, so for our own safety they banned ’em. There’s only one place …

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Eliza Krueger, or: Get Your Nails Did.

You better watch it if you don’t cut baby’s fingernails soon enough. She turns into Freddy Eliza Krueger and is wicked with her claws. She will not hesitate to slash your face all up with her sharp talons. If you let them go too long, every time she touches you it feels like her fingers are fire …

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En Español Por Favor

Hola amigos. Estoy escribiendo en español esta noche. Realmente, estoy usando el servicio de traductor de Bing porque no puedo recordar la mayoría de los españoles que solía saber. Esta noche estoy muy cansado y no apetece escribir mucho. Así que no me voy a. Espero que te guste la imagen de mí. Las tres …

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Eliza And The 7 Dwarves

Oh hey look, Eliza is the long lost 8th dwarf from Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. Who would have ever thunk it? Not me, that’s for sure. It’s just a good thing I happened to be Binging for photos of the dwarves today or I would have never seen this.

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Eliza’s Posting For Me Today

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I’m Running As A Candidate In The Your Baby Is Too Damn Cute Party

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Bring Out The GIMP, or: Let Me Work For You

Today I was playing around with GIMP, doing things to photos I have taken recently. I’m not generally too much into image manipulation but lately I’ve done it a bit, as you may have noticed. I inserted Eliza onto Mount Rushmore and I put her in the crowd at a Beatles concert. Remember? Well today …

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Five Photo Photo

Hi, this is just a silly little photo I’ve created. Do you like it? I have been messin’ around lately with The Gimp, which is what I have since I can’t pay for Adobe Photoshop. I’m not doing too much, just things like this. It’s pretty fun. I’m not good at it or anything, but …

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