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Henry Takes A Hearing Test

As you may or may not know, when we were still in the hospital Henry failed his hearing test in one ear. We had to get him re-tested because there was a good possibility that there was water in his ear or the test equipment was faulty or something. So today was the day we …

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Henry, The Newest Addition


Hey there, I’d like to introduce little baby Henry to all of you. He was born late last night (Jan 17) and is healthy and happy and awesome. He’s passed all the tests they’ve given him and we’ll probably go home tomorrow. He was 8 lbs 1 oz and 18″, if you are keeping track …

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Eliza Is Getting A Brother Today

We just got to the hospital and Amanda’s is in the triage getting checked out. Her water broke a few hours ago and baby Henry is coming tonight or early tomorrow! I’m getting today’s post done now because I probably won’t have much time later to do it. I just thought you might like to …

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Finding Out About New Baby

We’re finding out more about our new baby tomorrow. We go in to the hospital for an anatomy scan ultrasound where we should be able to find out if it’s a boy or a girl! I’m definitely hoping for a boy because we have a girl already and what dad wouldn’t want a lil’ dude …

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Safe and Sound and Awaiting Results


Well we made it home from the MRI with Eliza having no ill effects from her sedation. We were holding her hands while they gave her knock out gas through a mask. It was weird seeing her go from wriggling around fussy baby to unconscious baby. The thing took about 45 minutes and they called …

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Eliza Is Getting An MRI Tomorrow

This is Eliza the night before her MRI. She is getting it around noon tomorrow and none of us around here are looking forward to it. They have to check out her head and make sure there’s nothing wrong with it. You see, her head grew at a faster rate than the rest of her …

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Machine that goes ping.


This is a photo of a super high tech machine we came across recently. Do you know what it is and what we were doing? Leave your guesses and/or comments below. Happy Saturday!

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Eliza Looks Like She’s Making A Speech To Her Minions

This is Eliza from behind doing her “Dictator Pose.” She has recently started doing this, she’ll do it all the time for no reason at all. Well, no discernible by me reason anyways, I’m sure she has a good one in her baby brain. Oh and do you see me on the TV to the …

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Wearing Scrubs To Work

Do you ever see nurses or doctors or whoever walking around in their scrubs outside of a doctor office/hospital setting? I do. I always wonder about that. You see, I thought the purpose of scrubs was to be clean, non-street clothes for use while doing medical procedures. But these days you see ‘em all over. …

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Almost A New Year

We’re less than 12 hours away from a brand new year. 2011 will be over and 2012 will begin. As great as it is that little baby Eliza was born in 2011, we all are glad it’s over and hope the new year brings us better tidings. You see, several things happened in 2011 that …

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Eliza Is An Expensive Baby

In the mail today we got the “This Is Not A Bill” for Eliza’s 6 week hospital stay and it was a doozy! $273,611 worth of a doozy. And it looks like they gave her drugs. I hope it wasn’t street drugs. Luckily insurance covers most of it or we would have to be selling …

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Babies Are Awesome

We’re still here at the hospital, today will mark one week. I was pretty worried when we first got here with all this happening so soon and all. But the more time went by and the more I learned about premature babies the less I worried. And now little baby Eliza has been born and …

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On The Road To Baby Time

A couple days ago we went off to the hospital for our monthly checkup. The doctor was so impressed with Amanda’s blood glucose scores. I think she almost was about to say that it seemed like the diagnosis was incorrect (as I still think) but she didn’t. That’s ok though, I’ll get over it. I …

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Doctor’s Office Testing

Today we went out to the hospital for our monthly examination. We went for the regular pregnancy checkup, which could basically be phoned in (weight, blood pressure, “Any pains?”). There was one other thing though, Amanda had to get her blood drawn for a diabetes test. You see some ladies get a form of diabetes …

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Anschutz Medical Campus

Photo by Jeffrey Beall. Well, we’re one day closer to having a young’in round here.The good doctors at our hospital say the due date is October 1. That’s only 114 days away! And those days are going to speed by like the first however many have. Why it seems like just yesterday we learnt of …

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