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Henry’s Ok, Eliza Wouldn’t Sleep

How’s it going? Pretty good here, I guess. Henry is ok from his thing yesterday, we took him in to his doctor and they said he just holds his breath is all. Also they say it’s nothing to worry about. I’m not sure how they think that’s supposed to happen. We’re just supposed to take …

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Paging Dr. Eliza

You probably didn’t see this latest YouTube video of mine, so I’ll post it right here for your viewing pleasure. Unless you have one of those phones that can’t watch embedded YouTube videos, then I guess you’re out of luck. Try the YouTube app, it’ll be there. Here it is then.       Did …

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Henry Takes A Hearing Test

As you may or may not know, when we were still in the hospital Henry failed his hearing test in one ear. We had to get him re-tested because there was a good possibility that there was water in his ear or the test equipment was faulty or something. So today was the day we …

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Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer, A Review

Eliza is sick today and we had to take her temperature. We busted out the old digital oral thermometer we use under her armpit and tried to use it. First of all, she hates getting her temp taken. It’s like the worst thing you can do to her, to hold a little plastic thing in …

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Sorry About That, Henry

Oh Hey, Henry. Your mom and I just watched a video showing a circumcision and it was horrible. They did that to you just after you were born. I knew it wouldn’t be real pleasant to watch but I just had no idea as to how bad it would be. So I just wanted to …

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Henry, The Newest Addition


Hey there, I’d like to introduce little baby Henry to all of you. He was born late last night (Jan 17) and is healthy and happy and awesome. He’s passed all the tests they’ve given him and we’ll probably go home tomorrow. He was 8 lbs 1 oz and 18″, if you are keeping track …

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Her Head Won’t Fit Through The Door

Check out Eliza trying to get through the door. She totally couldn’t on account of her big head. It doesn’t look as big to us as it says it is on all the charts. You see, according to doctors, Eliza has no equals when it comes to head circumference. She’s in the 100th percentile, as …

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It Was An Emergency


Last night, or early this morning, we had to take Eliza in to the Emergency Room. We went around 3 am when E was horribly wheezy and had trouble breathing. She had this since the day before and we were gonna wait till Monday to take her to her regular doctor, but it was just …

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The Results Are In


The results are in for Eliza’s MRI. There is some extra axial fluid causing her head to embiggen, but they say that’s nothing to worry about. Other than that she’s fine. Quite a relief! I haven’t had too much time to look into what extra axial fluid on the brain of a baby does but …

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Safe and Sound and Awaiting Results


Well we made it home from the MRI with Eliza having no ill effects from her sedation. We were holding her hands while they gave her knock out gas through a mask. It was weird seeing her go from wriggling around fussy baby to unconscious baby. The thing took about 45 minutes and they called …

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One Year Ago Today.

This is Eliza from exactly one year ago. She was only 10 days old! Wowzers! She sure was cute and it’s only gotten worse. LoL. She is so cool. She walks so good now. She’s almost ready for walking around places other than our home. Like playgrounds and the like. Today we found out when …

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Eliza’s Brain Is Too Big


Eliza went to the doctor today and they said her head is too big. They are making us take her in for an MRI at some point in the near future to see if she’s okay. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with her other than having a big head to hold in her big …

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Wearing Scrubs To Work

Do you ever see nurses or doctors or whoever walking around in their scrubs outside of a doctor office/hospital setting? I do. I always wonder about that. You see, I thought the purpose of scrubs was to be clean, non-street clothes for use while doing medical procedures. But these days you see ‘em all over. …

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Eliza Has A Problem

Eliza developed her first ailment yesterday and I can’t help but feel at least partly responsible. You see, Little Baby Eliza is afflicted with a case of constipation. It’s terrible, she is so uncomfortable from it. She strains and strains to get her doody out but it hardly moves. When it does it is hard …

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