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Watch “The Rock’s MILK Transformation” on YouTube

The Rock’s MILK Transformation: http://youtu.be/S6Eg-Qai6f0 Who knew that milk could do a body this good. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It’s milk.

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Does Eliza Have A Drinking Problem?

Oh hi, just posting these two pics of Eliza doing things while drinking milk or juice. Wow, I’m so clever ain’t I? Yeah, I know I am. Anyways, that’s what you get today. Good thing you aren’t paying for this malarkey. Have a great day and a better tomorrow!

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More Ovaltine Please

  This here is a close up shot of some Ovaltine powder. It’s become my drink of choice the past couple weeks. It’s so good and it’s even good(er) for you! All those vital minerals and junk. So yum! I can’t even drink mine right out of the glass. I have to spoon it out …

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Some information about Henry


Please enjoy this photo of a lovely baby named Henry. He’s almost 9 months old and is adorable. He loves eating things he finds on the floor as he crawls around. He can’t walk yet but he sure can stand! His sister loves him and shows it by, among other more lovey things, pushing him …

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She Drank So Much She Passed Out

Here’s a video of Eliza hitting the bottle hard. She hit the bottle so hard and so much she couldn’t hardly handle it and was nodding out right at the bar. We politely asked her to leave and she complied, but not before throwing some blocks around and flailing her arms.    

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We Are Fully Stocked With Breast Milk

Hello there and happy April to you. I hope you didn’t get fooled too much today. What a terrible holiday April Fools day is, don’t you agree? Anyways, a new month is starting and we’re back to regular posts. None of that photo a day stuff that proved to be completely unpopular. I did like …

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Henry Gets Some Milk

Check out this YouTube video of little Henry getting some milk. He usually loves the stuff, but this time I think he might not have been too keen on it. You see, most of the time his mom or dad holds the bottle for him. This works out real nice and he gets the milk …

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Goodbye Dr. Brown

Since Henry was born we’ve been using the Dr. Brown bottles to feed him his milk and you know he just loves his milk. But, he has been having a little problem with spitting up his milk, sometimes simultaneously drinking and puking. Such talent he is blessed with! But he did it really often, like …

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A Baby Passed Out While Drinking


I just love pics of Eliza when she’s all passed out from too much food or drink. It cracks me right up. It happens pretty often too. It’s okay when you’re a baby, but imagine if I were to start doing it! I don’t think it’d go over too well, unless it were Thanksgiving time! …

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There Has Got To Be A Use For All These Jugs

With Eliza drinking so much milk these days (and my love of chocolate milk), we have an excessive number of milk jugs to deal with. There has got to be something we can do with them. Right now we just throw them away in the trash. That is such a waste of a jug and …

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Passed Out From Milk

I always find it funny when Eliza passes out from milk. She fights sleep so hard, not wanting to miss out on anything. But she finally succumbs at some point and just crashes. Sometimes it’s in semi awkward positions like this one here. You can’t move her though or she may awaken, and you do …

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Eliza Hits The Bottle

Eliza is drinking cow milk now almost exclusively. She still gets a bottle or so of formula per day but it’s mostly milk. And it is a lot of milk if she has her way with it. This is Eliza’s preferred method of milk delivery. Her little tiny bottles just aren’t cutting it anymore. She needs gallon …

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Eliza: Milkaholic

Eliza sometimes drinks milk till she passes out. Thanks to the fact that she holds her own bottle sometimes, this particular milk drinking binge ended with her passed out holding the bottle. She’s like a chocoholic, but for milk. We’re trying to get her help but she really needs to help herself. Until she hits …

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Crying Eliza. A Photographic Display.

Today Eliza was crying again. She didn’t cry as much. But when she did cry, I snapped some photos of it like a good dad should. LoL. No comforting her or anything, only photographing! Ha. She’ll be glad I did, when she’s older. I wish I had several thousand photos of me when I was …

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Eliza’s Birthday And Quitting Smoking

Tomorrow is Eliza’s birthday, her 5th month birthday. She’s getting so old, almost half a year. It’s pretty incredible. She is simply fantastic. She was working on rolling over from her back to her stomach today and was so friggin cute. We have changed to level 2 Dr. Brown nipples for Eliza’s bottle. We probably …

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Baby Sign Language 101 – Milk

Babies can’t talk for the first little bit of their life, they can however use sign language. I have seen it with my own eyes, Amanda’s work associate has a daughter, Haedan, who signs like a champion. So Amanda and I have been learning and trying to use some signs with Eliza. Eliza is not quite …

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The First Years SmartWarmer Review

This thing here, a The First Years brand Smart Warmer, is a real handy piece of equipment. First, it has a reservoir on the side you put water in and it lasts at least all day. So you don’t have to mess with filling it up each time you want to warm up a bottle. Second, it …

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Eliza Eats A Lot

Every 4 hours or so, Eliza takes a bottle. This bottle is filled with 80 ml of milk or milk substitute. And she eats this in 20 minutes or so. Eliza is almost 8 lbs as of her last weigh in. So it’s about 10 ml per pound. Imagine, if you you will, a full …

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