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How Old Were My Quarters? An Investigation.

We save our change in a big ol’ jar, it adds up pretty quick and nets a hefty payday two or three times a year. While we were emptying it out a couple days ago I decided to grab out quarters and see when they were made. I was bored, ok. So this is the …

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2013 Taxes = Done


Thanks to H&R Block and the magic of Internet tax filing, we’re done with our 2013 Taxes. Nice work, us. I really like using H&R Block’s online service. It’s super cheap and easy to use. It walks you through the whole process and gives you ample opportunity to go back and correct anything you might …

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A Place To Call Our Own


A Place to call our own. A home. This is what we want. We have a 2nd floor condo right now and it’s OK. But, our “yard” is a patch of grass in front of our cranky-old-lady downstairs neighbor’s house where people throw cigarette Butts and other garbage and it’s attached to the parking lot. …

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The Gambler, or: Eliza In Great Grandpa’s Hat

  Last night Eliza found this hat and was putting it on. It’s my grandpa’s, her great grandpa’s hat. He was a really awesome guy, my grandpa. He never did get to meet Eliza unfortunately but his hat will live on with us, along with all of our great memories. He was a gambling man …

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Movember Is Coming! Help Out The Cause!

Here’s a photo gallery of me in various stages of facial hair-ery over the past month or so. If I recall, this might not display correctly on my phone, perhaps yours too, sorry. I only bring this up because of how I’m participating in Movember and need your help. You see, the goal of Movember …

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Who Is Really Running Things Around Here

An infant girl holds two (2) Dora The Explorer cups.

  Sometimes it seems like Dora The Explorer runs things around here. She seems nice at first glance but if you let her in too often she shows her other, darker side. She plays it off with her catchy jingles and hypnotizing Spanish sayings. She tries to make you think everything is bueno, but it’s …

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How Much Did They Cost?

Today I went over to the child care center that’s right near our house just to check out the prices. I had been thinking a little bit about quitting my part-time night job and trying to find some sort of daytime employment, some professional type work that maybe could utilize the college degree I’ll be …

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What’s In Your Wallet?

What’s In Your Wallet Drawer For today’s #fmsphotoaday we took a look inside one of our drawers. This particular drawer has some cash money in it. This is money I save because saving money is good. It’ll be spent on real important things. Remember when I quit smoking on January 1, 2012? That has been …

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Stay At Home Brad Pledge Drive

Hello there! Your old friend Stay At Home Brad here! Happy Sunday to you. I hope you enjoyed watching the Daytona 500 or the Oscars or whatever else you may have done today. Us here, we’ve been snowed in with our first major snow storm of the winter. You may be wondering why I’ve gathered …

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What’s up with that? Walmart Price Match Edition


The other day when I got the Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer from Walmart, I found out something strange. I was checking out the selection of instant read thermometers on walmart.com and noticed the prices there were different than the in-store price. The Exergen was almost $3 less online and I wanted to pay that price. …

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Eating Ramen Isn’t A Crime

RAMEN=YUM Lately I have been seeing quite a few people on Facebook who like to thank President Obama for making them eat ramen for dinner. This is because their paychecks are less now that the Social Security rate has increased to 6.2% from the 4.2% it had been at the past 2 years. I’m not …

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American Girl Dolls And Doll Accessories

The person who lived at our house before we did recently got mailed an American GirlĀ doll catalog. I have heard of them before but had never seen them. They’re pretty neat, as far as dolls go. What is not so neat about them is how much it costs for 18″ age 8 and up dolls. …

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CNN: Money is key to quality childcare. Me: No Shoot Sherlock.

I saw a story by Barbara Hall on CNN today titled “Money is key to quality childcare,” and I was all like, “Yeah, I know.” That’s why I stay home during the day with Eliza instead of taking her to daycare. Well, also it is totally freakin’ awesome getting to spend time with her and …

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Orphan tears will wash over the earth

It’s that time of year when theĀ Agriculture Department’s Center of Nutrition Policy and Promotion puts out their annual report on how much it will cost to raise a child to the age of 18. This year the report is based on a child born in 2011, so this should be about how much we have …

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PhotoSnack Is Alright

Oh hey, I came across this site PhotoSnack what will let you make little photo slideshows, along with several other things. I took some pics of Eliza to try it out. You can do most stuff for free it seems, they do offer you a chance to give them money to get more. But the …

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The Cost of Raising A Child To Adulthood

This morning I was going through my usual routine of catching the latest breaking news (Anthony Weiner again???) on CNN and they had a story about the cost of raising a child born last year to the age of 18. I couldn’t find an article on CNN.com so here’s the official press release. This was …

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Diaper Decisions

One of many things we had considered about our upcoming baby was whether to use cloth diapers or disposable ones. The disposable seem like they would be easier due to not having to clean them after use, but the cost is higher in the long run and we would have to keep purchasing them forever. …

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