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Henry, The Newest Addition


Hey there, I’d like to introduce little baby Henry to all of you. He was born late last night (Jan 17) and is healthy and happy and awesome. He’s passed all the tests they’ve given him and we’ll probably go home tomorrow. He was 8 lbs 1 oz and 18″, if you are keeping track …

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Eliza Is Getting A Brother Today

We just got to the hospital and Amanda’s is in the triage getting checked out. Her water broke a few hours ago and baby Henry is coming tonight or early tomorrow! I’m getting today’s post done now because I probably won’t have much time later to do it. I just thought you might like to …

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Let Me Point Something Out To You

It’s not usually polite to point but we sometimes do it anyways. Like this time, when I was pointing at my soon to be born baby inside my wife’s belly. Did you even know that I’m about to be a dad again? It’s totally true. In only 5 weeks and 4 days little Henry is …

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Christmas Is Coming And It’s Going To Be Good

Christmas is coming if you haven’t checked your calendar lately. In fact it’s only 2 days away so if you didn’t know it’s probably too late. Check out Eliza in this pic, she’s opening a present from her grandma while we were at Tokyo Joe’s. This is the first time Eliza has been able to …

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Our New Baby Boy Vs. Eliza

If you were to check out some information regarding our new baby boy vs. Eliza, you would find out that new baby is the same age as Eliza when she was born. That being 32 weeks gestational age. We’re sure hoping that he stays in the whole time, but if for whatever reason he needed …

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The Countdown To Our New Baby Boy

I’m just going to put this up here so you know how long it is till our new baby comes. On the day this was posted, November 19, there is 11 weeks and 12 hours till he is scheduled to arrive. We all know that babies don’t follow the schedule very well though, so who …

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Eliza And Her Brother

We went in for another ultrasound today. Last time they did one they saw a bright spot in new baby’s heart and wanted to take an extra look at it. They say the spot was an indicator for potential problems, like downs syndrome. And although we would love our baby boy no matter what sort of condition he had, we would rather he have none.

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First Look At Eliza’s Brother

Here is a picture I took of a picture they took of our new baby boy! He’s such a cutie! Heehee. We’re only 5 or so months away from his arrival, they should fly right by, as time is wont to do. We hope he decides to stick around his current house till he’s fully …

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Between The Rubber And The Road

A terrible tragedy has happened today, one of Eliza’s favorite toys has been taken away.Not by a bird, or a 5 alarm fire, but by a white Subaru car’s right rear tire. It had fallen out of Eliza’s stroller right as we started our walk. We were going to the doctor for an ultrasound, when …

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An Ultrasound Pic Of New Baby


This was from this past Monday. He (or she) is 8 cm long and looking good. Well, as good as he can look at this point. Ok, that’s it for tonight. Sorry it’s such a short post tonight but I can’t really come up with anything and I’m real tired so this is what you …

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A New One Comin’

Went for a little walk today around the shore of Barker Reservoir in Nederland, CO today. Eliza got the royal treatment and was carried in our little baby backpack. She sure does enjoy riding in it and I sure do like carrying her around in it. It works out great for the both of us. …

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