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All Four Of Us In One Photo

family photo at dinosaur ridge in morrison, colorado

It doesn’t happen very often, but yesterday we got all four of us in one photo. There’s also a dinosaur seeing as how we were at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, CO. We had seen a dinosaur at a Sinclair gas station while we were out driving around and then Eliza wanted to see MORE DINOSAURS! …

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An Eye And A Toe, Two Macro Shots With A Canon T3i

¬†Here is an eye and a toe. The eye is mine, the toe is of Eliza. Wow! Amazing isn’t it! Yeah, it is. Haha. Well, I was just taking some macro shots yesterday with my Canon T3i and then I thought I’d just go ahead and throw them up here on the blog as it …

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The Color Was Gone From Their Cheeks.

Hello to you all whoever you may be. Today I am just going to post these two pics on here and call it good. I know you won’t mind. They’re both black and white photos of the kids. I just took them today so they’re super fresh. Nice, eh? Yeah, it is. Well, see ya …

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She Used To Be Much Smaller

  I was looking through some old pics and was just being amazed at how tiny Eliza was. I forget sometimes that she was so teeny tiny because now she’s so big. This particular photo is from when she was just over 4 months old. What a crazy face she’s got. It was a foretelling …

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Eliza’s Foot: By Eliza


Eliza’s Foot. Taken by Eliza herself. So artsy. Haha. Happy Saturday night and Sunday morning to you. See you later!

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A Family Photo


We snapped a couple family pics today and this is one of ’em. This was at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, about 20 mile from South Padre Island. It was a nice place to see, lots of flowers, plants, trees, birds and other animals. They sometimes even have alligators, whoa!

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12 Months of Eliza

Yesterday I did a photo montage of Henry, as you may recall, so today it’s only fitting (plus I said I was gonna do it) if I do one for his sister Eliza. Like Henry’s yesterday, each photo is taken on, or very near, her birthdate. One thing that’s kind of funny is that the …

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Eliza And Her Mom Playtime

It’s picture day here at the ol’ blogstead. Tonight I won’t bore you (too much) with any of my words. I’ll just post a brief description and a photo. Sounds simple, yes? Here goes. This is Amanda and her daughter Eliza playing on the couch today. They were having a great time. Check out Eliza’s …

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He’s going bananas!


B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Henry is bananas man, just look and see. There’s no denying it! He makes some funny faces, I tell you what. Whoa, don’t slip on that peel, O’Doyle rules!

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Caption This Pic.


This Pic of Eliza sure is crying out for a clever caption. I got nothing right now, so perhaps you reading this have something. Leave your comment below.

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A Pretty Good Pic Of Eliza

  Hi, sorry if you’ve already seen this on my Facebook but I like this photograph I took last weekend at Barr Lake State Park. Do you like it too? I hope so. Look at her little boots. So cute! What are we gonna do when she grows out of them??? I guess we’ll have …

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It’s Been Pretty Boring Lately


Here’s one of the latest pics Eliza took. She had my phone the other day and navigated to the camera and was snapping away at the carpet and her brother’s knee. I asked her to point it at me and this was the result. I’m a little bit out of the frame but it’s pretty …

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Rolling her eyes, Eliza indicates her level of concern. It’s not very high. She’s all like, “Whatever dad and/or mom, I do what I want.” Then she goes and pushes her brother Henry.

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Eliza Has Bieber Hair

Eliza sometimes has hair like Justin Bieber once did. Isn’t it pretty? It’s a nice look for a little girl. Notice she also picks her nose in this photo. This is something she’s getting pretty good at. She also likes to pretend to eat it. Every once in a while she actually does. Oh No!

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Brad And His Two Kids

Brad And Kids! Hey check it out, it’s Brad, AKA Me, and his two kids. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday on this blog. You do see it almost everyday in real life though. I get a lot of “You’ve got your hands full” or “Oh, it’s daddy’s day” or things of that nature …

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Henry is a shirthead, and no balloons here


Henry is a shirthead. Just look at him with this shirt on his head. What’s he doing anyways, he’s such a card. One time we were worried that he was going to be too serious. Like the first couple weeks of him being born. He soon grew out of it and we aren’t so worried. …

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Here’s a pretty cool pic I took today down in Colorado Springs. It’s raindrops, so many raindrops falling in other raindrops that have accumulated and formed a puddle. That is all.

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Wordless Wednesday – Two Kids


It’s Wordless Wednesday, I have to type something though otherwise the links on FB tend to just be HTML gibberish.

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Photo Friday. Henry The Hunk And His Sister Too

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Henry’s (Play) Dating Profile

This is a pretend (play) dating profile for Henry. Like if he went on BabyMingle.com and tried to find someone to hang out with.¬†   Hi, I’m Henry and I’m 7 months old. I’m a really happy fella, I love to laugh and smile and play. My favorite thing to do is to drink milk. …

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