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Here’s a pretty cool pic I took today down in Colorado Springs. It’s raindrops, so many raindrops falling in other raindrops that have accumulated and formed a puddle. That is all.

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A Pic Of Me And My Kids

Sorry, all you get from me tonight is this pic. We had a super busy day and I had a busy night so no time for more than one small paragraph. But tomorrow starts a new week and we’ll get some real stuff posted up here. Ok, bye!

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Catching Up With Things

[twocol_one][/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]   Alright, I missed yesterday’s pic posting so I’m doing 2 tonight. They both feature my hand and/or wrist, weird! I can’t let these daily pics get piled up like this, it’s no good man. Oh well, they’re done right? So the captions are pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a quick rundown in case …

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I Want There To Be No More Snow Where I Live

Hey, I only have a couple minutes till the deadline for posting today so I’m just going to leave this picture here. Please discuss it amongst yourselves. It’s snow, something I want. Only what I want is for it to go away. Bye.

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Th(re)e Eyes Have It.

In case you were wondering what it would look like to see all of our eyes in one place at one time, here you go. I hope they’re not detailed enough so that you might copy them for use in retina scanners and fake your way into some secure location we have access to. Haha. …

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TODAY ONLY – 101 Free Prints From Shutterfly

Get your 4th of July pics printed out for free! Today only you can get 101 FREE PRINTS at Shutterfly! Valid 7/5 only. Code: PRINTS4TH    

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Out For A Stroll With Baby

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Eliza and her friend, Mr. Giant Broccoli

We got this giant broccoli stuffed toy at Ikea and Eliza likes to play with him. We call him Mr. Giant Broccoli because that’s what he is. It fits him real well. They had other vegetables there but we chose the broccoli, we may have to go back and get another one someday. But going …

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En Español Por Favor

Hola amigos. Estoy escribiendo en español esta noche. Realmente, estoy usando el servicio de traductor de Bing porque no puedo recordar la mayoría de los españoles que solía saber. Esta noche estoy muy cansado y no apetece escribir mucho. Así que no me voy a. Espero que te guste la imagen de mí. Las tres …

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Friday’s With Eliza

Since it was such a nice day today, Eliza and I took a little trip to the park near our house. I took a blanket and my camera and camera accessories and we went on over. We sat in the park’s grass and took photos. I got some pretty good ones of Eliza alone, but …

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Crying Eliza. A Photographic Display.

Today Eliza was crying again. She didn’t cry as much. But when she did cry, I snapped some photos of it like a good dad should. LoL. No comforting her or anything, only photographing! Ha. She’ll be glad I did, when she’s older. I wish I had several thousand photos of me when I was …

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A New Camera

Amanda was sitting on the couch with Eliza when Eliza went to sleep. Then I snapped a photo. A photo with my brand new camera. It’s pretty awesome. It’s the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and I like it a bunch so far. It takes awesome photos and great videos. It’s gonna take a little getting …

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Five Photo Photo

Hi, this is just a silly little photo I’ve created. Do you like it? I have been messin’ around lately with The Gimp, which is what I have since I can’t pay for Adobe Photoshop. I’m not doing too much, just things like this. It’s pretty fun. I’m not good at it or anything, but …

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