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Henry’s 1 Month Of Photos

This is the first installment in the Daily Photo Video series for little baby Henry. He’s a month old and lookin’ good! He sure does make some funny faces doesn’t he? It’s ok for you to say so, he won’t mind. Well, I don’t have much to add. Just make sure to watch this and …

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Help Me Win A Canon 5D Mark III From BorrowLenses.com

BorrowLenses.com is having a drawing for a really cool camera that I could really use to further my aspiring photography career, the 5D Mark III. I have entered the contest and have virtually zero chance at winning (it’s still better than the lottery though!). They also have other prizes they are giving away but you …

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A Self Promotion

Hi folks, as you probably know I’m quite the photographer. You can take a look back at the past posts to see for yourself if you don’t know or don’t believe me. I know it’s ironical that I don’t have a photo in a post where I talk about the great photos I take but …

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Streamzoo Is Better Than Instagram

I have come to the conclusion that Streamzoo is better than Instagram. I have been using the Streamzoo the past couple days and I am really enjoying it. The people on it seem friendlier than on Instagram. It’s very clique-ish over there IMO. If you aren’t in with the cool people you’ll never amount to …

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Like My Facebook Photography Page

If you could spare several seconds of you time, could you please go to Bradmanda Art Co’s Facebook page and like it. It won’t cost you anything and you will get great photos in return. I have not really done any sort of promoting it at all as you might notice from the fact that only …

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More Photos From Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Hey there, here’s a few more pics from our day at the zoo the other day. I hope you enjoy viewing them and will come back often. Oh, quick question for the CMZ Twitter Team in case you read this post also, what is your policy on selling photos taken at your zoo? 

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Baby Portraits And You

Today I went with Amanda down to the Auraria Campus because they were having an intern fair and her work had a booth and was trying to get some new interns. It was also Take Your Daughter To Work Day and since this was technically work, Amanda did take her daughter to work. While we …

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Friday’s With Eliza

Since it was such a nice day today, Eliza and I took a little trip to the park near our house. I took a blanket and my camera and camera accessories and we went on over. We sat in the park’s grass and took photos. I got some pretty good ones of Eliza alone, but …

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9 Photographs Of Eliza

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Crying Eliza. A Photographic Display.

Today Eliza was crying again. She didn’t cry as much. But when she did cry, I snapped some photos of it like a good dad should. LoL. No comforting her or anything, only photographing! Ha. She’ll be glad I did, when she’s older. I wish I had several thousand photos of me when I was …

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Wolf Camera 6¢ Prints On Tuesdays And Wednesdays

Recently while checking out camera accessories online, I found out that on Tuesday and Wednesday, Wolf Camera (Ritz Pics) offers 3.5″X5″ prints for 6¢ each. Wow, so cheap. Although it’s cheap, the print quality is good. I’m not one who uses high-end photo printers, I usually go with Walmart, they seem a’ight to me. And, …

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Bring Out The GIMP, or: Let Me Work For You

Today I was playing around with GIMP, doing things to photos I have taken recently. I’m not generally too much into image manipulation but lately I’ve done it a bit, as you may have noticed. I inserted Eliza onto Mount Rushmore and I put her in the crowd at a Beatles concert. Remember? Well today …

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A New Camera

Amanda was sitting on the couch with Eliza when Eliza went to sleep. Then I snapped a photo. A photo with my brand new camera. It’s pretty awesome. It’s the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and I like it a bunch so far. It takes awesome photos and great videos. It’s gonna take a little getting …

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Eliza’s Daily Photo Video, November 22 Edition

Hey there, as I mentioned a few days ago it was time for the latest installment in Eliza’s daily photos in motion and here it is! I tried to self host if but I couldn’t quite get it to work so I just put it up on YouTube. It’ll probably work better there anyways as …

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New Video Posted, Watch It And See

So I finally got around to getting this little video made. It’s days 1 through 81 of Eliza, in daily photographs! Neat! It’s getting so that there’s a lot of pictures, eh? Pretty soon she’ll be 100 days old! Well, here it is, watch it and see her grow up before your very eyes. It’s …

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