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A Child’s Laughter

They say laughter is the best medicine. But they must not have ever tried a child’s laughter, because that is even better. Just take a look at these pics and see if you can’t agree.

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Eliza The Photographer. VTech Kidizoom Camera.

It was recently Eliza’s 3rd birthday and one thing she got was a VTech Kidizoom. As you might know she has been photographed like, a hundred thousand times in her life. She always was trying to get my Canon T3i camera if I left it in her reach. Now she has her own to use …

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Finally Nice Enough To Go On A Walk

It was finally nice enough to go on a walk. I really don’t like taking them kids out when it’s cold. Sure, I could bundle them up real good and they might stay warm enough, but I don’t want to do it. I’d much rather go somewhere warm. I do know that it’s possible to …

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Friday Night Photo Fest

Happy Friday night to you all. Here’s six photos we took tonight. That is all.

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Unusually Large Hands


It looks like Eliza has unusually large hands under those gloves. It’s only an illusion. I’m quite the master of photographic chicanery. People often wonder how I bring the world of magic and illusion alive using just my Canon T3i DSLR. I don’t have an answer for their wondering though. It’s just something I was …

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12 Months Of Henry

Here’s a little something I made up for tonight’s post. It’s pics of Henry from each month this year. I tried to get them from his birthday each month. Neat! Tomorrow I’ll do one for Eliza, and then the next day one of me! Such an exciting time for you to be here! LoL.

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Then And Now: Eliza Edition

I’ve been working on putting together all the pics for Eliza’s Daily Photo Video, it’s quite the task. I really need to organize and edit them more often. But it should be kinda cool once it’s finished sometime tomorrow. It’s going to be all 2 years worth of daily photos! Wowzers. I’ll give you a …

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Picture Day


Eliza teaches Henry about making a mess and how fun it is. She looks good in a hat Henry, he wears the hats too He’s such a smiley guy, most of the time Eliza likes to smile too. And there you have some photos of cute kids. They were all taken with my Canon T3i …

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It’s Not A Royal Baby But It’s Pretty Far Out

Howdy, sorry I don’t care about have any news on the royal baby, but I do have something else you might enjoy. You see, recently the Project Apollo Archive has released thousands of photos from all the Apollo space missions online. You can view them on your computer and relive all the early space going …

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Eliza The Photographer

I made a collage of some pics Eliza has taken recently. She will get my phone, open up the Camera Zoom app and snap away. They’re pretty blurry and whatnot but what can you expect, she’s not even 2.

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Sunday At (Great) Grandma’s House


We had a great say today at my grandma, Eliza/Henry’s great grandma’s house today. We didn’t go anywhere, just stayed in and visited, ate and played. Well, I guess that me, Amanda and the kids did go for a little walk up the hill. Here are some pics from today. Happy Monday to you!

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Eliza By A Redbox


Eliza posed for some pics in front of a Redbox at a gas station. What a great model she is. She could be America’s Next Top Model, she doesn’t even have to be on a TV show about it. I just declared it to be so and it is so.

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Lookit This


Lookit Eliza Sleeping On The Leopard Print Couch Lookit Henry Playing With A Doll Lookit Brad Laying Amongst The Blocks Lookit Eliza And Her Mom Lookit A Cat Climbing A Screen Lookit it’s the end.

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Saturday Pics


Taking the easy way out, Stay At Home Brad posts several photos on this first Saturday of Summer 2013.

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5 Pics From A 5k Run/Walk At Camp Eden


It was supposed to just be Amanda at the Camp Eden 5k but I figured it would be pretty boring just sitting around waiting for her to finish so I did it too. Here’s 5 photos I took during it. Ok bye.

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Memorial Day Deal: 101 Free Prints From Shutterfly.com!!!

Check out this awesome deal from Shutterfly.com. It’s 101 Free Prints from 5/27 to5/28 And you can’t go wrong with free, right? It’s a great deal. I did it one of the last times they offered this and I was more than pleased with the speed and quality of their prints. They send them to your …

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Photos From The Denver Zoo

Hi, I’m taking an easy way out of my post tonight and just putting up some pics from when we were at the Denver Zoo this past weekend. Enjoy!  

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Some Pics Of Me When I Was Younger

Here’s some pics of me when I was younger. And I mean much younger, like a baby younger. Yes, even I was a baby once. These were in my Dropbox folder, I found them when I was cleaning it out the other day as it was 95% full. That Dropbox is a pretty cool thing …

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A&E At EB Rains Memorial Park

Just a few pics of Amanda and Eliza from today when we went to EB Rains Memorial Park up in Northglenn. It was a pretty cool park, there’s a lake and walking/biking paths around it. And I guess when it’s summer, you can rent a pedal boat and go out on the lake. There’s basketball …

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Pics Of New Baby Henry

I thought I’d share some pics of our new baby Henry. Here they are. He’s pretty cute and stuff. Today he’s 5 whole days old. Wow! Click the first one to get you started. WordPress has a cool photo viewer. You can go through them using your arrow keys. Sweet! See you tomorrow!!

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