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Candy Cane As An Alternative

A Christmas Story gun replaced by a candy cane

    Here’s a new version of the classic holiday film A Christmas Story, at least a new version of one frame from it. You see, I have secretly replaced the Red Ryder BB gun with a Big Ass Candy Cane. It’s still manufactured by the Red Ryder company, you may note. This BACC can …

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The Gambler, or: Eliza In Great Grandpa’s Hat

  Last night Eliza found this hat and was putting it on. It’s my grandpa’s, her great grandpa’s hat. He was a really awesome guy, my grandpa. He never did get to meet Eliza unfortunately but his hat will live on with us, along with all of our great memories. He was a gambling man …

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Here Comes The Bearnado

I finally watched Sharknado tonight. Well, I watched half of it anyways, it was really bad. It’s on the Netflix so I can go back and watch the second half anytime I want. The thing about it is, is that tonight and tomorrow here in Colorado there is a high wind advisory. It got me …

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Eliza, Brad, Wall

Hi, I won a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements from DadAnd.com and it just came in the mail yesterday. I was so excited to try it out but I didn’t get a chance. So I had to wait for today. Here’s what I came up with as my first project. It’s not much, …

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Henry 4 Ways

Henry is my baby. There are many like him but this one is mine. Here he is with 4 different backgrounds. Whoa, so crazy. He’s 8 months old as of a couple days ago. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long but it’s true, I wouldn’t lie to you on purpose. Alright then, I …

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Spotify To Pink Floyd, I Wish You Were Here.

Apparently, if this gets played 1 million times, Spotify will add Pink Floyd to their streamable catalog. It may have already surpassed the million play mark, but why not go ahead and give a listen. I wish those other bands would get on board with the digital music revolution (that started 15 years ago or …

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We Probably Shouldn’t Be Eating This Kraft Mac And Cheese

WE PROBABLY SHOULDN’T EAT THIS KRAFT MAC AND CHEESE But it’s so dang good. We eat it up, Yellow 5, 6 and all, and we like it. In fact we like it so much it may just be our favorite food to make and eat together. Eliza has been eating it pretty much since she …

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No Zoo, A Fake Photo. Details At 11.

This photo is an approximation of what the weather was like today here in Denver. You see, the picture seems to show Eliza and Amanda in a cold snowy mountanous region where they make igloos to camp out or live in. I don’t actually know where the igloo was made, it’s just a picture I …

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Hungry Hungry Henry

  Look at little Henry, he’s so hungry! How hungry is he? So hungry they made a game about him being not only hungry, but hungry hungry. How many times am I gonna say hungry in this one blog post? Aren’t you hungry to find out! Anyways folk, I got nothing else tonight. I was …

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Little Known Member Of The Ramones, Eliza Ramone.

I just found this long-lost photo of the Ramones with their little known tiniest member, Eliza Ramone. So cool, I just had to share it with you here. Wow, Eliza sure does get around in time and the music scene. Remember when she was at the Beatles show? Impressive. Hahaha.        

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Some Cool Photos I’ve Made This Year

I Made These! With this being the last day of the year and all, I thought I’d just make a real short list of some photos I’ve made this year with GIMP that I think are pretty cool. I’m like a pro photo editor. Haha. I doubt most of you have seen most of them. I …

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Eliza Looks At Geese

You know what Eliza likes? She likes birds. It’s probably her favorite animal, even more so than cats what live at her house. Today we went to a park and fed some geese. Geese are the easiest birds to get access to. They are dirty and stinky too, but we try to look past that. …

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Eliza Helping Out Around The World

Did you know Eliza is a great helper? It’s true, just check out the accompanying photo that shows how she would help if she was as tall as the Leaning Tower Of Pisa. You see, she would stand there and hold it up, ensuring it didn’t lean anymore than it already did. She’s that big …

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Something You Might See

This hot air balloon is an “artist’s” representation of something you might see at a hot air balloon festival. It’s not a real one, as you should be able to tell, but imagine if it was. Wouldn’t that be just great? It would win all the awards there were to win, I’m sure of it. …

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Incredible Hulk Or Eliza?

Eliza get mad. Eliza smash things. Eliza pull cat tail. Eliza flip toys over.

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Mckayla Is Not Impressed At The Shore

I was just looking back through some of our vacation photos and boy was I amazed at what I saw. It was Eliza y yo at the beach and we were just there minding our own business and getting out picture taken. But look in the background on the right. It’s Mckayla and Mckayla is …

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Eliza And Some Seattle Things.

Eliza, Space Needle, Public Market Center, Monorail. Seattle things with a baby. Pike Place

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Watching The Fireworks On The 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is Eliza’s first one! Babies might be scared of fireworks so luckily the government has shut down almost all of the shows this year. They are scared that the urban forests of metropolitan Denver will burn down, so for our own safety they banned ’em. There’s only one place …

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Eliza And The 7 Dwarves

Oh hey look, Eliza is the long lost 8th dwarf from Snow White and the 7 Dwarves. Who would have ever thunk it? Not me, that’s for sure. It’s just a good thing I happened to be Binging for photos of the dwarves today or I would have never seen this.

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I’m Running As A Candidate In The Your Baby Is Too Damn Cute Party

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