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No Government Shutdown Here


Hi, although the government shut down today due to childish bickering, your 124th favorite blog was unaffected! I know you are supremely happy about this. You probably thought you’d wake up to find this site shutdown. No sir, it’s going strong. I am sick as several dogs today, do you think there might be some …

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Henry’s (Play) Dating Profile

This is a pretend (play) dating profile for Henry. Like if he went on BabyMingle.com and tried to find someone to hang out with.    Hi, I’m Henry and I’m 7 months old. I’m a really happy fella, I love to laugh and smile and play. My favorite thing to do is to drink milk. …

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Photo Challenge 3.4 | Lucky | #FMSphotoaday

Hey there folks who are sticking around for this month of taking it easy with the posting. It’s today’s Photo Challenge picture. The topic is “Lucky” and what’s more lucky than a fortune cookie? Nothing that’s what. Inside most of them are lucky numbers that if played long enough in any lottery, will be winners. …

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I Think Eliza Is Beautiful

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First Look At Eliza’s Brother

Here is a picture I took of a picture they took of our new baby boy! He’s such a cutie! Heehee. We’re only 5 or so months away from his arrival, they should fly right by, as time is wont to do. We hope he decides to stick around his current house till he’s fully …

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A Hidden Message

Is she really doing that? Our little Eliza is tossing the bone. How rude is that? Haha. Just kidding Eliza and everyone. I know she wasn’t really flipping off the camera. It only looked like it in that split second. She’s got a few more years left before she starts doing it for real. LoL. …

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An Ultrasound Pic Of New Baby


This was from this past Monday. He (or she) is 8 cm long and looking good. Well, as good as he can look at this point. Ok, that’s it for tonight. Sorry it’s such a short post tonight but I can’t really come up with anything and I’m real tired so this is what you …

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Out For A Stroll With Baby

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Oreo Cookie 100th Birthday and Late Night Posting

Happy Tuesday to you. Did you know it’s the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie? There’s a good chance you did because it was announced on every tv or radio I turned on today. I like the Oreo cookie but I don’t eat them enough. A person has to get their daily allowance of delicious …

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Saturday Photos.


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I’m Running As A Candidate In The Your Baby Is Too Damn Cute Party

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Eliza’s Daily Photo Video, November 22 Edition

Hey there, as I mentioned a few days ago it was time for the latest installment in Eliza’s daily photos in motion and here it is! I tried to self host if but I couldn’t quite get it to work so I just put it up on YouTube. It’ll probably work better there anyways as …

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