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Happy 3 Month Birthday Henry! Watch This Video!!!

It’s Henry’s 3 month birthday today so I thought it was a good time to put together his latest daily photo video. It’s one of the better ones I’ve made, IMHO. Plus you get to hear me sing and I know you love that. Haha. Ok, make sure to share the video with all your …

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Watch Eliza Grow Up In 1:14. She Was Born Now She Is Old(er)

It’s time for the next installment in the Eliza Daily Photo Video series. If you aren’t familiar with that, here’s what it is. I take at least one photo per day of Eliza, I then at regular (or not) intervals put them all together in a slideshow/video. It’s a really cool project and I hope …

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New Video Of Eliza’s Pics, Please Watch It

I made another installment of the Eliza Daily Photo Video if you are interested. I hope you are, it’s a pretty awesome thing. This year I’ve been making them shorter than E’s first year. Like this one is only 40 seconds long and part of that is moving video and the credits. So it’s real …

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Eliza Daily Photo Video, Year Two

Here’s the latest in the greatest sequential photo to video production out there. It covers the day after Eliza’s birthday to today! I decided to just make it its own thing, leaving out her first year of photos. I’ll go back when she’s around 1.5 years old and make a whole life video, which will …

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A Photo A Day For Baby’s First Year (Eliza Daily Photo Video)

Today is Eliza’s 1st birthday!! Yay, what a great year it was. We had so many good times and only a few bad times. This next year is going to be even better than the last. Eliza has come so far from being a patient in the NICU to a big ol’ girl with a …

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Eliza Daily Photo Video Volume 10

Hi! Here is the latest in the unknown numbered series of Daily Photo Videos of Little Baby Eliza. She is 10¬†and a half months old by the end of this video. Wow! Where does the time go? Next time you see one of these, she’ll be 1 year old! Well, I hope you enjoy watching …

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247 Day Old Baby Pictures

As I mentioned last night, I was working on this little video project. The Eliza Daily Photo Video, and it is now complete. You can watch it below. She’s really beginning to get big. She’s had her first haircut, sits up and she eats some real foods. Pretty soon she’s gonna be graduating high school. …

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Eliza Daily Photo Video Volume 6

          Wow, it’s so amazing the changes you can see as Eliza goes from birth to 204 days old. She is getting so big. In the next episode of the video series you may get to see her tooth or teeth as it/they are coming in! I wonder what that will …

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I Have Taken A Photo Of Eliza Every Day Of Her Life – Video Volume 5

The latest installment of the Eliza Daily Photo Video is live on YouTube and right here! It’s pretty awesome. Little Baby Eliza is 181 days old today and you can see her throughout that whole time. It has been fun being a Stay At Home Dad, or Stay At Home Brad for it. She is …

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Eliza’s Daily Photo Video, November 22 Edition

Hey there, as I mentioned a few days ago it was time for the latest installment in Eliza’s daily photos in motion and here it is! I tried to self host if but I couldn’t quite get it to work so I just put it up on YouTube. It’ll probably work better there anyways as …

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New Video Posted, Watch It And See

So I finally got around to getting this little video made. It’s days 1 through 81 of Eliza, in daily photographs! Neat! It’s getting so that there’s a lot of pictures, eh? Pretty soon she’ll be 100 days old! Well, here it is, watch it and see her grow up before your very eyes. It’s …

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Eliza Daily Photo Video Number 2

A new, bigger and better video comprised of Eliza’s daily photos is available for your viewing pleasure! She is certainly growing up right before my eyes. I am glad to be undertaking this project as it is already fun to be able to see the change in recorded fashion. I will be there in real …

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