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Meme Maybe?

  This pic o’ Henry could possibly be made into a meme. I am no good at making funnies so I won’t even try. You, on the other hand, are hilarious and could come up with something. It would probably be something a drunk baby would say, you know like that one you see all …

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Eliza Plays The Xbox

Eliza is pretty tech savy, even at the ripe old age of not even 2. She can unlock our phones and find her apps, no problem. She can look through photos and play videos on the phones too. She’s not too good on the laptop though, she just mashes every key until she finally gets …

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Stay At Home Brad Pledge Drive

Hello there! Your old friend Stay At Home Brad here! Happy Sunday to you. I hope you enjoyed watching the Daytona 500 or the Oscars or whatever else you may have done today. Us here, we’ve been snowed in with our first major snow storm of the winter. You may be wondering why I’ve gathered …

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We Just Can’t Miss @target

We here at the Stay At Home Brad household just love going shopping. Usually we just go “window” shopping though, because we don’t have enough money for all the things we see and “need.” One of my personal favorite stores is Target. There’s always cool stuff there and the stores are generally clean. I don’t …

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Th(re)e Eyes Have It.

In case you were wondering what it would look like to see all of our eyes in one place at one time, here you go. I hope they’re not detailed enough so that you might copy them for use in retina scanners and fake your way into some secure location we have access to. Haha. …

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Eagle Tries To Pick Up A Baby

Check this video out, a golden eagle tries to pick up a baby. Good thing the baby had eaten too many croissants and the bird wasn’t able to carry it away. As with any internet video these days, there’s a good chance it’s fake. People will do fake just about anything to get their 15 …

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Check Out My Etsy Shop


Hey good friends, check out my Etsy Shop! As of this posting I have 2 items for sale, but I plan to add one per day until I stop. So make sure to bookmark it. You may be able to guess that I’ll be selling my photos there, and congrats if you did. I have …

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Where Did The (Already Low # Of) Readers Go?

Howdy folks! It’s been real quiet around here the past couple weeks. And I don’t mean just the lack of comments, that happens all the time. I mean the stats I have available tell me there has been a significant drop off in readership. I’m not real sure why. It’s not just the viewing of new posts, …

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Possibly Taking An Airplane Trip

So Amanda and I and Eliza are thinking about taking a trip via airplane over the summer. Amanda and I have flown many times before so we know how to do it, but we have never done it with a baby. We have found out that children under 2 fly free so long as they …

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Your Mission: Like Stay At Home Brad On Facebook

Good morning to y’all! I’m just dropping in real quick to ask a favor of you. I know, I’m always asking for favors from you, but this one is real easy. What I’d like is for you to, if you haven’t already, go over to my Facebook page and “Like” it. I have also provided …

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A Request To All My Loyal Readers

Welcome to today’s issue of the Stay At Home Brad Times. I’m glad you could join us today. It is a great day for readin’ the best blog written by a not quite full time stay at home dad in the Denver metropolitan area. And hopefully that’s what you have come here for ’cause that’s …

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Hi, This Is A Test For Facebook Integration-ing. Play Along!

I installed this plugin that may or may not automatically post this to my Facebook account. I haven’t figured out how to get it to post to Stay At Home Brad’s Facebook yet, something about a token that I need but don’t concern yourself. I’ll figure that out. Also you may notice that there is …

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Three Things To Read

Well, there’s not much to report in this report. So I will just ramble on for a while and see what can be came up with to write about. One. We’re less than 68 days away from the due date. I know this because of the handy countdowner located in the right sidebar of this …

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Postagrams Need Addresses To Be Sent

Hi again. Just stopping by to add a little bit regarding my last posting. I figured I might as well make a whole new one as opposed to adding on to the old one. So here’s the deal. I am thinking about sending out the Postagrams right after our lil’ baby is born. The thing …

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