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Sweatshirt and Shoes

Eliza got to get all bundled up today for the first time since last winter/spring. It was downright chilly this morning, and raining too! It rained like 4 times over the summer so “we needed the moisture.” It was fun wearing sweatshirts today, Eliza has a few of them but hasn’t got to wear them …

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Eliza And Some Seattle Things.

Eliza, Space Needle, Public Market Center, Monorail. Seattle things with a baby. Pike Place

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15 Children In A Van And We’re Coming Home


Wow, check out how many people are in this family on the back Window of a van. 15 if I counted right. That is a few too many for us. I think 2 will be pretty good, 3 tops. But no more than that. Well, we’re back in Colorado tomorrow so I hope you’re ready …

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I’m On A Boat

we went on a boat tour of lake washington today.

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Walls Covered In Gum At Pikes Place Market

a photo collage of the gum wall in Seattle, Washington on the Pikes Place Market

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Ivar’s, Aquarium, Pikes Place Market


Ivar’s was one of the places we wanted to go when we were here and we did it! The fish and chips was real good, the chowder was not quite as good as the store bought version. It was still good though, just a bit thinner. That stuff from Costco is delish! We also went …

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Things I have Learned In Seattle


Top Pot doughnuts are really good, everything is really green and forest-ey everywhere. It is really cold in the morning on the shore of Lake Washington. Hydrangeas grow all over in different colors and look like something from a Dr Seuss book. You pay when you get off the bus. Microsoft’s campus is huge, people …

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An old joke.


We flew in to Seattle this morning and boy are our arms tired. Harhar, but seriously folk, it was an early early flight. We had to get up at 3 am, but I woke up at 2! Even waking up so early we barely made it on time, getting to the gate right as boarding …

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Things To Do In Seattle


As you might know, we’re going off to Seattle in a few days for a fun old fashioned family vacation. We want to hit up all the sights we can see while we’re there. We have a preliminary list of places/things to see/do and I just wanted to type it out and put it here …

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Leaving On A Jet Plane, Tips To Get Us There And Back Again?

This time next week we’ll be out of our Denver Doldrums and On The Road…the airplane Road To Seattle. We couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be our first air travel vacation with Eliza as well as our longest. We were gone for 5 days last month up to Montana, this time it’ll be more. One …

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Picking It And Eating It

Seeing as how nothing ever happens on the weekend here at StayAtHomeBrad.com, I was pretty lazy when it came to posting today. I guess I have been for a couple of days now if you were to stop and think about it. Please don’t. Haha. Today’s post is (other than what you’ve read so far) …

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