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Man of 1000 Faces


This is one of my many and varied faces. That is all.

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En Español Por Favor

Hola amigos. Estoy escribiendo en español esta noche. Realmente, estoy usando el servicio de traductor de Bing porque no puedo recordar la mayoría de los españoles que solía saber. Esta noche estoy muy cansado y no apetece escribir mucho. Así que no me voy a. Espero que te guste la imagen de mí. Las tres …

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Your Mission: Like Stay At Home Brad On Facebook

Good morning to y’all! I’m just dropping in real quick to ask a favor of you. I know, I’m always asking for favors from you, but this one is real easy. What I’d like is for you to, if you haven’t already, go over to my Facebook page and “Like” it. I have also provided …

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Eliza’s 6 Month Checkup And She’s Growing Teeth

Eliza got some more shots today at her 6 month checkup. I counted on the immunization chart we were given and adding in her Synagis, she has had 20 doses, not 20 shots as some of them are combined. She’s probably been needle poked only 12 times. That is still a lot, more than I …

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Eliza’s face, closely

Eliza’s face, closely

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Bring Out The GIMP, or: Let Me Work For You

Today I was playing around with GIMP, doing things to photos I have taken recently. I’m not generally too much into image manipulation but lately I’ve done it a bit, as you may have noticed. I inserted Eliza onto Mount Rushmore and I put her in the crowd at a Beatles concert. Remember? Well today …

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A Request To All My Loyal Readers

Welcome to today’s issue of the Stay At Home Brad Times. I’m glad you could join us today. It is a great day for readin’ the best blog written by a not quite full time stay at home dad in the Denver metropolitan area. And hopefully that’s what you have come here for ’cause that’s …

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Well hello there. Allow me to post this and then I’ll be right back to type more. Ok, I’m back, not that you could tell. I just had to post it real quick since it was 11:59 pm and I wanted to get it done on the 28th. It’s silly I know but why would …

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Another Preemie Eliza

So just this morning Amanda was watching the latest Daily Photo Of Eliza video and one of the related videos was about another Eliza who was born premature, 5 months premature. This Eliza had a brother and a sister who didn’t make it. Amanda and I both cried a bit when we watched it. That …

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