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Henry Takes A Hearing Test

As you may or may not know, when we were still in the hospital Henry failed his hearing test in one ear. We had to get him re-tested because there was a good possibility that there was water in his ear or the test equipment was faulty or something. So today was the day we …

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A Minor Change:Trying Out Facebook Plugin

The Aspens are changing, this is what signifies Fall is coming, to me. I am posting this pic of changing leaves as part of a post to try out some changes I made on the blog. Nothing too noticeable, just something that will hopefully help out getting Facebook integrated. Don’t worry, it won’t affect your …

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Eliza And A Bum Sign


Hey, I was just messing around today and came up with this idea. I think it would be a real winner if it were made real. For now this crude made-on-my-phone pic will have to do. You see, it’s Eliza with bum signs that have been modified to be baby related. This is the only …

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The Results Are In


The results are in for Eliza’s MRI. There is some extra axial fluid causing her head to embiggen, but they say that’s nothing to worry about. Other than that she’s fine. Quite a relief! I haven’t had too much time to look into what extra axial fluid on the brain of a baby does but …

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This Is A Test Of A Facebook Plugin For WordPress

Let us see if we pass it. What it is is a blog to Facebook integration plugin made by Facebook themselves and we are testing out how it works. It is supposed to be super easy to use and it seems to be so far. It will replace at least two separate plugins I had …

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Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day Special

It is National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day today so I did a little experiment with putting peanut butter in coffee. Not only did I put it in the coffee, I drank the coffee. Was it good or was it not? You’ll have to watch the video and see. Do you love peanut butter?   Related …

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A Test’s Results and A Baby Registry

Tonight’s episode is very short. You don’t know that yet because you just started reading. This is why I’m telling you, so you’re not too surprised when you get to the end and it had only just begun. So Amanda got her test results back and it appears that she does have the gestational diabetes. …

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Doctor’s Office Testing

Today we went out to the hospital for our monthly examination. We went for the regular pregnancy checkup, which could basically be phoned in (weight, blood pressure, “Any pains?”). There was one other thing though, Amanda had to get her blood drawn for a diabetes test. You see some ladies get a form of diabetes …

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Forgotten Photo

I was looking around on my phone’s pictures last night to see what I could see and this pic is what I saw. It’s from the day we found out about being pregnant. It’s our little pregnancy tester that says positive! Hey here’s a helpful tip, don’t buy your pregnancy testers from the regular store. …

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