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Salad, A Child’s Worst Nightmare

Over the Labor Day Weekend, we went down to Colorado Springs to see the sights, mostly the hot air balloon sights at the 38th (and possibly final) Colorado Balloon Classic at Memorial Park. It’s Eliza’s 3rd and Henry’s 2nd hot air balloon festival, they are quite the balloon goers! We had a grand old time …

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We’re Going Camping At Mt. Rushmore KOA @palmergulch

It’s official now, we’re going camping this summer at Mt. Rushmore KOA. We’re pretty excited, it’s been a few years since we’ve been able to go camping, with us having new kids and all. We’re figuring that they’ll be old enough to try it out now. Eliza will for sure, Henry is still the wild …

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This is the one where it almost looks like Nemo is eating her


This is the one where it almost looks like Nemo is eating her. It’s only an illusion though, Nemo is not real. At least not this particular one. I’m sure there have been thousands of clown fish named Nemo since the movie came out. Hey, did you know clown fish are one of the funnier …

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And So The Sun Sets


And so the sun sets on our fun times vacation to Amarillo, San Antonio and South Padre Island, Texas. We made so many memories and all that. One more night on the road and then home. Can’t wait to do it again!

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We’re on a boat.


On our last day here in South Padre Island we took a dolphin watching boat trip. It was so boss. They drug a net behind the boat and brought it up to show us the catch. There were several starfish and Eliza held one without crushing it. There was a cat fish with its talons …

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Texas Waffles


Hi, there, the waffles at the continental breakfast at our hotel are shaped like Texas. It makes them taste better than the regular shaped ones. It’s strange but true. I have never had an intentionality state shaped food before and now I wonder if it would make it all taste better. What about a Nevada …

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Hello Polar Vortex.


We got a taste of the Polar Vortex today, it seems. It was so dang cold and windy here in SPI. It may possibly always be windy here, but nothing like this. It was the talk of the continental breakfast this morning. We mostly stayed in our room, but we did try to go out …

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I Gave And They Flocked To Me


We arrived at South Padre Island and went to the beach. It was a little brisk with the very strong wind and all. Amanda and Eliza were put collecting sea shells and I was staying near the car Henry slumbered inside of. We had some bread left over from our BBQ the night prior so …

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The Donut Stop in Amarillo, Texas


This morning we went to a Donut Stop donut shop in Amarillo, Texas. It’s a local chain of stores, I think there are 5 or 6 of them. These donuts were the best ones I can remember having in my whole life. My wife, Amanda, went in and ordered them. They were out of what …

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The Denver Broncos Are Gonna Need To Go To Disney Land

NFL football is back. My team, the Denver Broncos, easily defeated the Baltimore Ravens with Peyton Manning throwing a record-tying 7 touchdown passes. Wowzers. Watching the game tonight was like watching the ’97 and ’98 Broncos. If they play like that the whole season there’s no stopping ’em. What I’m saying is that they’re probably …

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You’re Full Of Hot Air


We spent this past holiday weekend in Colorado Springs and it was pretty cool. We didn’t get to see any on Saturday or Sunday due to various circumstances, but Monday (today) was our day to shine! Haha. I have hundreds of photos if you’re interested. I’m not gonna post them here, but you might see …

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Henry is a shirthead, and no balloons here


Henry is a shirthead. Just look at him with this shirt on his head. What’s he doing anyways, he’s such a card. One time we were worried that he was going to be too serious. Like the first couple weeks of him being born. He soon grew out of it and we aren’t so worried. …

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Yellowstone National Park Pics

Hi, I didn’t have much I felt like saying tonight, so here are some pics from our recent trip. These ones are from Yellowstone National Park. Wow, what a beautiful place that is. Have you been? It had been nearly 20 years for me, so it might as well have been my first time there. …

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Jim Bridger Motor Court – Gardiner, Montana

This motel we stayed at in Gardiner, Montana was so cool. It’s called the Jim Bridger Motor Court and is totally awesome. The cabins were built 50 or more years ago (it’s hard to find info about them online) and staying in them is like a trip back in time. They are rustic cabins, I …

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This Is Not A Real Post


Oh hey. Due to extreme tiredness there will be no real post today. Will resume tomorrow. Over and out.

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Getting Outta The Weather


Today sure was a bundle up kind of day for us here in Denver town. The first snow of the year came a day early. It wasn’t too bad snow-wise but it sure was cold. And we had to be outside walking around in it. But we’re presently on the road to Albuquerque where the …

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Today = Supposed To Be Birthday

Did you know that October 1 was supposed to be Eliza’s birthday? It’s true. But she was born a couple months before it. If things turned out the way they were “supposed” to we would be eating cake today. I’m glad it happened how it did though. As tough as having her in the NICU …

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Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2012 Coming Right Up

Howdy folk, it’s your old pal Stay At Home Brad again. How’s things? Good I hope. Mine sure are. We’re getting excited for our upcoming trip down to beautiful New Mexico! We’re going to check out the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta¬†2012, which happens to be in Albuquerque,¬†as luck would have it. It is going to …

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Mckayla Is Not Impressed At The Shore

I was just looking back through some of our vacation photos and boy was I amazed at what I saw. It was Eliza y yo at the beach and we were just there minding our own business and getting out picture taken. But look in the background on the right. It’s Mckayla and Mckayla is …

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Jimi Hendrix Memorial – Renton, Washington

We visited the memorial of Jimi Hendrix in Renton, WA while we were out there. It is in an otherwise normal looking cemetery, nothing too fancy. But in it is the final resting place of one of the greatest guitar players there ever was. Did you know he wasn’t even 30 when he died? I …

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