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Watch “Sleeping baby” on YouTube


Henry is a Sleeping baby in this YouTube sensation. Enjoy watching and listening as a little guy slumbers. Sooth yourself to sleep with the sounds of snoring. A sure to please video that none should miss.  http://youtu.be/s80pqnDp__o

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And Now Henry Plays Soccer


And Now Henry Plays Soccer: http://youtu.be/ecMp1ElRBUw Remember when Eliza was showing off her mad soccer skills? Yeah you do, it was just a couple days ago. Well anyways, now here’s Henry showing off his ability. He’s pretty good. His ball handling is sublime . Much better than Diego Maradona at his age (14 months). And …

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Eliza: Youngest 2 Sport Professional Athlete

SIGN THIS GIRL BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!   On The Colbert Report from yesterday he mentioned a 20 month old kid who had been signed to a contract to some team. What the heck, right? But this article shows he’s not even the youngest. He missed it by 2 months. Seriously, an 18 month old …

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Watch “They spun around till they got dizzy” on YouTube

They spun around till they got dizzy. The latest YouTube masterpiece by me. They keep getting better. Just wait till a few months from now. OSCARS BABY! Alright, happy Friday to you all and to all a great weekend.    

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Opening Up Play Doh Underseas Creations

Oh hey, it’s Sunday night and it’s been a long day and I’m pretty tired so I’m just going to drop off this video here. It’s me and Eliza opening up her new Play-Doh play set that Grandma got her. It’s so fun! Eliza has been playing the heck out of some Play-Doh lately and …

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Eliza Tries Out A Baby’s Crib And Goes Crazy

Guess who is a crazy girl? That’s right, it’s Eliza (in case you couldn’t guess it by reading the answer above.) In this video you see her in her brother’s Pack And Play crib. She then falls down repeatedly. Oh man, what a silly little thing. Eliza sure does love hamming it up for photos …

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Talkin’ Talking

One of the greatest things I can think of is watching my kids grow up. It’s really the best. I know I’ll be sad when they’re all done but it’s a fun ride. They start out so small, it’s incredible. Like Eliza, she weighed 4 pounds and some ounces when she was born. Now look …

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Playing At The Window

I sure was hoping to be celebrating a Super Bowl victory tonight. Unfortunately the worst Super Bowl Ever happened instead. Wow, what a terrible game they played. Oh well. Well here’s a video of my two kids playing around with the blinds and each other. They’re such cards. See you Monday!

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Buy A Home Brad In Action

As cool as it is being Stay At Home Brad, I’m trying my hand at being Buy A Home Brad instead. You see, last year I got my real estate license and became a Realtor® here in the great state of Colorado. I haven’t been able to get too much done in the way of …

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Henry Plays Some Music


Henry plays some music for us in the following video. He’s pretty good with that one note of his. He is barely 1 year old so don’t be too harsh on his playing. He soon will be jamming out on the jazz recorder down at a local coffee house. It just takes practice!

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Eliza Sings It Her Way

Who was it that had a little lamb, Eliza? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that there is a little lamb at all. This must be repeated until they get it. Just repeat it and repeat it until it is grasped. And after that, tell them one more time. This is …

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One Year Of Life In 48 Seconds, Amazing

Check out Henry in this video. It’s all the daily photos I’ve taken of him throughout the year put together and shown for 1/10 of a second each. He grows right up! I tried to keep his eyes in the same place in each one so it looks good but some of them aren’t lined …

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This Is The One Where She Yells And Then Pushes Him Over

This is the one  where she yells and then pushes him over. They do quarrel sometimes. And by they I mean Eliza is mean to her brother Henry. He hardly ever does anything to her, every once in a while he’ll get a handful of hair. But for the most part he just loves her …

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Eliza is a Scary Monster

Whoa, so scary she is. I hope you didn’t have a coronary or anything from the fright. Haha. JK, it’s more like a cute monster, amiright.

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2014′s First Post

A new year is upon us, awesome! Can you believe it’s already 2014 though? It seems like just yesterday it was only Y2K. These last 14 years just zoomed by like crazy. What’s going on??? Anyways, Google Plus has a really cool feature called Auto Awesome. They put your sequence of photos together to make …

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Eliza Is A Spaz, or: OMG Not Another Video

In this particular film we see little Eliza acting as if she’s a spaz. She’s not really one but today she learned how to do what they kids call, “spazzing out.” It’s basically when you look and act crazy like. It’s all the rage these days. I don’t know where they come up with these …

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My Drinking Problem

It took a lot for me to admit that I had a drinking problem. Once I did it I felt much better. I only hope my experience can be a comfort to others in my situation.

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If You’re A Man, I’ve Got Something For You

You may have heard about it here, or you may have heard about it elsewhere but the month of November has been renamed Movember. And I know it’s already 11 days into December but I don’t care about dates like that. Days ain’t nuthin’ but numbers, I say. I was in a group of dad …

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Friday Family Film Fest


Well, it’s not really a fest, per se. I’m pretty sure a fest would consist of more than one. I could be wrong tough, I’ve of been to a few fests. I couldn’t think of another F-word to go in the alliterative title. This is a video of us all in bed. Henry and Eliza …

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Dear Ovaltine, please sign us as your spokespeople


How could you resist buying the chocolate malty goodness that is Ovaltine after hearing a sales pitch from this girl. She could sell an Ovaltine milkshake to a Hershey executive in white gloves. You’ve got to get us signed to an endorsement deal, Ovaltine. We will boost your sales like drinking your delicious beverage boosts …

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